Who here likes video games? Anyone?


But the atmosphere of Old West meets post-apocalyptic is just perfect. I mean, cmon. You cray, my dude. FNV is the greatest game of all time.

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Although I will say Point Lookout is a great DLC.



My favorite game of all time is Earthbound for the SNES. I was the only person I know who got that the year it came out, years before it became a cult hit.

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Favourite games of mine (and this will date me) In no particular order are, ‘System Shock’, ‘Betrayal at Krondor’ ,‘A Mind Forever Voyaging’, ‘Elite’ Level 9 text adventure games (doubt anyone else is going to be familiar with them here), ‘Darklands’, ‘Arcanum’.

Of more modern games I have enjoyed some but I don’t feel the same buzz, that is understandable. I’m much older and harder to impress and also the novelty wears off eventually and computer gaming as a hobby tends to be aimed at and draw in a certain age range.



You’re right, I’ve never heard of any of those. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



System Shock is the spiritual ancestor of Bioshock. Darklands is a notoriously difficult RPG set in the middle ages in Europe and everyone who plays games should have heard of Elite at least on my list:-

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System Shock is pretty sweet, better than the sequel IMO (and leagues better than BioShock). Super ahead of its time design wise. I’m iffy about the “remake” that’s supposedly happening.

Darklands is also a cool game from what I’ve played, but I didn’t get very far.

I find Arcanum a bit annoying to play, but I appreciate a lot about it.



Tried Elite Dangerous? I tried to get into it, but the space combat defeated me. I found the UI with the Oculus Rift a challenge, but it does look absolutely brilliant.



I own it but have less time to play games than I once did sadly, also my patience for learning the mechanisms for new games has diminished as well to some extent but Elite Dangerous at least didn’t make ludicrous claims like No Mans Sky and they just got on quietly with building their game world.

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Kirby vs Thanos


Kirby wins and eats lunch with the Avengers



Been stuck in my head all week.



Loved playing video games.

Whole family was into it. We had an NES and played lots of Mario bros 1-3, duck hunt, Legend of Zelda, Tetris, etc.
We got a SNES and discovered Mario Kart and played that game through several consoles…as a family for years.
Then we got N64 and enjoyed Golden Eye, Mario 64 and other games.

Then I got a PS2 and loved that console! I fell in love with final fantasy x, Simpson’s hit and run.

My husband gifted me a wii console for my birthday really early in our relationship…we both liked wii sports and I continued my love affair with Mario Kart. It was fun installing old school Mario games for my husband to play. He wasn’t allowed to play any video games growing up and missed out on trying those iconic games.

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What I think I can summarize here for y’all: In catholic view… or at least, I hope it’s an AUTHENTIC Catholic view: don’t play too much video games! Be very careful of the content that you play, but most importantly: stay connected to Christ and the Sacraments.

For instance, I like to play morality-based games: where you can be the hero. I know very stupid, lazy, and what-have-you… but it’s fun! I also like to play strategy games where you command fleets and armies. I was in a afterschool JROTC program and my Dad’s ex-Army so there you go. I also like city building and empire building games.



Good advice for anything in life. Moderation is always key.

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The new ace combat comes out Jan 18th. It’s 3 years behind schedule. I’ve played the series through console changes ps1 ps2 then the switch to Xbox now I’m torn, do I switch to ps4 to use the vr (the reason why it’s delayed) or stay with the Xbox 1. I’ve also found due to the networking abilities now I can stay connected with friends from college. Who’d have thought downtime at the crash pad would be like college. And I can still play my brother in nhl or madden. Which he always likes because when he got into video games I was just leaving home.



I started with Space Invaders in the 1970’s and Zork and right up to Civilizations, SimCity, to Skyrim, Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Love RPG’s and strategy games.



What stinks from a worldly perspective is: no video games. But, on the other hand: ‘Eye has not heard, ear has not heard for what God has in store for those who love Him.’ to quote Sacred Scripture. So, the next life will be better! Provided, we get there.



Still keeping an eye on this…



I really am starting to like fire emblem, but not all of the games are on virtual console and they can be expensive when you ship online. The characters also permanently die if they lose so I have to be careful.



The GBA ones were the best, imo. As for the more recent entries, I had a good time with Awakening, but really disliked Fates. I didn’t play the latest one, Echoes or whatever it’s called. The new one for the Switch has my interest, but I’d need to see more.

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