Who here likes video games? Anyone?


“From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, good Lord, deliver us!”

Hopefully, you have a hobby or do something for personal enjoyment. Life shouldn’t be seen as a miserable and depressing journey.



I would advise you to stay On Topic. If you want to chastise video gamers and lecture on their morality, you should start another Thread.




Happy cake day, @cruciferi!



Thank You :pray: I once was ordinary. Now, I’m so much more… I’m A Cake!



Er, no offence but you appear to be using a forum on the internet to argue this position. There does appear to be a touch of irony in there somewhere…



Please explain. I don’t see the irony or incongruity…



I’m giving my opinion and advice as the OP is Suspended.



Just following up on this: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is definitely starting to pull me in like the first game did, enough to distract me from Smash a bit. The world feels as imaginative and vibrant as the first, and the music is still great at setting the tone for the areas and events. I’m looking forward to seeing what sights and sounds the game has to offer, since that was a big part of what made the first game’s world fun to explore.

The writing feels a bit more Tales-like than the first game, and as much as I love some of the Tales games, I was sort of hoping for something closer to the first. At the very least, the main characters are starting to show a bit of development, and even some as-of-right-now side characters are interesting. I’m interested in seeing where these characters go, as that was another really big part of what made the first game so interesting. That said, I really hope they don’t pull another “I don’t know what color emerald is” joke again. That joke was just way too forced.

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Glad you are enjoying it. I think when I was reading about the plot of the first one, the storyline seemed a bit iffy as far as theism is concerned, although the second one seems to have redeemed itself a bit.

Interesting, so you like the Tales series also? I first discovered that series about 10 years ago in college and had fun playing it with other people at the extremely nerdy school I attended. Are you getting Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition when it releases in two weeks? I had been replaying Tales of Xillia this past fall as Milla on hard mode, and managed to get all the way through it up to the Gaius/Muzet final boss fight, which I cannot win :neutral_face:



Anyone here played Celeste? Heard great reviews, even for people who are not normally into platformers.



Ok I can’t be the only 4x person here, can I?



What do you mean by 4x?



I really like MoO2 and Civilization in general. Not any good at them though.

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Yeah, near the end the game starts going down the standard “struggle against god” route. At the same time, the closest one to the “God” character is actually friendly, but then again, they are man-made. Basically, it’s a rather atheistic, Nietzsche-esque story. That should have been expected, though. The main writer is a huge Nietzsche fan.

As far as I know, the guy was on the second game’s story, and so far it has been pretty blatant in some religious references. You have the “Divine Architect” casting people out of “Elysium”, which seems to be at the top of a massive tree reaching into the sky (Babel?), and what seems to be an Eve-like character is reached by activating “Adam’s Crest”. The last game was pretty subtle up until the end. This one seems to be laying its cards on the table early, but maybe I’ll be surprised and the guy has gotten a bit bored of Nietzsche-esque stories.

I haven’t gotten into it too deeply as a whole. I played Tales of Vesperia and absolutely fell in love with the game’s story and combat. Since then, I’ve played through at least portions of both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss, but school made it very difficult to get all the way through either, but I got far in Tales of the Abyss and was absolutely loving it. Tales of Symphonia was a bit more meh compared to the other two, but I didn’t get too far either, so maybe it got better.

I also didn’t know that they were planning to release a new edition of Tales of Vesperia. I’ll definitely be picking it up. It’s still among my favorite games of all time, especially when it comes to the writing.

Frankly, I’m trying to think of how far back you’d have to go to get to a time when there weren’t games trying to tell intricate stories. RPGs and adventure games have been doing it for a few decades by now.

It’s been a while since I got into the genre. The last one I really got deep into was Civilization V. I did try getting into Endless Legend and Beyond Earth recently, but I had too much going on to really appreciate them. I should try getting back into Endless Legend. I really liked what I got to see if it. Beyond Earth was a bit disappointing, but that’s because I’m comparing it to Civ4 and Civ5.


Catholic gamers?

Okay, I’ve now opened my presents and begun playing Smash Bros. :slight_smile:

The one player mode isn’t quite the same as Subspace Emissary. You’re more or less travelling a large map and then entering into individual battles. It is still pretty fun, though. They introduced a new “spirits” mechanic. Basically, the “spirits” have replaced the “trophies” from previous Smash Bros. games. But unlike the trophies, you can equip and level up the spirits for special abilities. In the 1 player mode, you start with just Kirby and then proceed to try to unlock other fighters and spirits.

It is all pretty well done. For example, when fighting the spirit for “Snakeman” from Mega Man 2, you play against Solid Snake, and the only items that drop are the little bombchus that act similarly to Snakeman’s weapon from his own game. It’s neat to see how they capture the spirit (no pun intended) of certain characters and games but within the confines of Smash Bros.

Playing the game has made me realize that Smash Bros. is one game that I’m not particularly good at. :laughing: I tend to just repeatedly mash the side smash button and hope for the best. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I’ve been playing Smash Bros. since the original, and I’m still not that great. Well, Brawl was when I started playing it beyond when going to someone’s house, but that’s still a lot of time. I’ve just never really gotten into really advanced play. I don’t know what it is about most fighting games, Smash included, but the advanced stuff just seems to really settle in for me. BlazBlue was the only one where I got really good. When playing against friends, I would sometimes mess around with new stuff in the second round just because I was confident I’d win the tiebreaker should it not work out.



I recently got Total War: Attila on PC. It’s pretty good and the graphics are very nice.

I’m not much of a first-person shooter player. It seems to one-dimensional to me. I much prefer strategy games or civ builders with some large scale battles involved.



That’s pretty much how it is for fighting games with me, too—even back to Mortal Kombat on the SNES. It was the one game where my friends could reliably beat me. Well, that and the sports games. There is some block for me when it comes to button combos, I think.



Ah good, I was about to poke you to turn in your report :slightly_smiling_face: Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I finally used the PS4 the other day and tried out the last Ratchet & Clank which I enjoyed playing last year. I am kind of sad it’s the last one for real now since I liked this series.

Evidently I could try out Smash Bros soon if I want to. A couple of days ago I returned from my parents’ house to the apartment building I live in, which has a large amount of tenants that work for the same tech company next door as me. They have bulletins posted monthly in the elevators for upcoming community events. I had a chuckle the other day when I saw one of the events listed as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competition in 2 weeks :slightly_smiling_face: I should go to this and then I will finally know just how many of my coworkers live here.

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What? Every self-respecting nerd born since at least the 90s ought to be an Olympic-level Smash Bros player by now :sunglasses: It’s like riding a bicycle, you should never forget :smile:

On a somewhat more serious note, I mentioned earlier that I went to an extremely nerdy tech school, and I was part of a group of friends that included some less-than-average-nerdy people. On one occasion I brought my Wii along with Brawl over to their residence hall and played with a nerd and one of the “less-than-average-nerdy” people in this group. The latter was clearly way out of his league and lost quickly, but the nerd was quite the fighter. “Finally,” I thought, “someone worthy of my skills.” Nerds are not very good at a lot of things but they know how to smash apparently lol. I say all this and I probably am not very good either :grin:

The hard fighting games are the ones where the combos require a series of button inputs to pull the fancy moves off and they are different series for each fighter. I think Smash is easier to get used to because the button combinations are simple and are the same for everyone. Dodging and blocking is harder but once you get the hang of that you are on your way to the Smash Olympics.


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