Who here likes video games? Anyone?

Speaking of Zelda has anyone here played Cadence of Hyrule?

I own the predecessor to cadence of hyrule (crypt of the necrodancer) but haven’t played it.

I got dicey dungeons today and won my first two runs, so it’s clearly not as hard as cavanagh’s previous two games (super hexagon and vvvvvv)

One game I’m particularly excited for is called Astral Chain, coming to the Switch in 2 weeks
Is kind of open world and is an action-adventure game focusing on controlling 2 characters

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Yeah, Astral Chain looks really cool.

Death Stranding sure is unusual, if nothing else. To be honest I’m not much of a fan of Kojima’s work myself and I doubt Death Stranding will be for me, but a lot about it does look interesting.

Speaking of “unusual” games, Anodyne 2 was just released this week…I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but I was looking forward to it, both as someone who appreciates the first game and where its inspirations lie, and as someone who’s a fan of the type of audio and visual style the second game is going for. While retro graphics have maybe become something of a tired trope to some, I think there’s a lot of untapped potential in this kind of almost PS1 era visual design, when it comes to creating sort of surreal, slightly eerie atmospheres.

Haven’t posted here in a while, but I noticed this thread is about to expire again :slightly_smiling_face: This summer I tried out Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and actually enjoyed it pretty thoroughly. Many years ago I had tried Dragon Quest XIII on PS2 but never really got into it, and the old-style English wasn’t working for me. XI was actually pretty good if you are looking for a nice classic turn-based JRPG. The story takes a bit to get going and you kind of have to stick with it for a while, but there were some pretty major turning points that made the story very interesting when they occurred.

I was also highly amused that there is a very Catholic-looking church organization in the game, with the priests and nuns offering various services. One of the services is Confession, which is the save-game feature. My character is extremely pious and goes to Confession a lot, often multiple times in the same day. Wouldn’t want to have the bosses kill me with unrepented sin on my conscience :grinning:

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Update on this: I got to the fifth (and final) world in this game and just lost interest. There was still some fun to it, but the fun-to-annoying challenge ratio started skewing heavily towards the latter by the final world. It’s kind of a shame because the first four worlds were a lot of fun. :frowning:

Now I’m on Valkyria Chronicles. It can be a bit rough at times, but the core aesthetic, story, and gameplay are solid.

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Time to bump the thread


I like video games. Shooters and racing games are my preferred ones. Been playing them for 35 years now. I’m 49.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. Played all editions since MGS 2 in the Playstation 2, including Portable Ops and Peace Walker. But I think Death Strading is gonna be too weird for me.


spyro just came out

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I like playing chess against the computer even though I’m not that great a player.

I used to play Internet Checkers

I have been playing The Division 2 and also played the original .

never played it before… is it a good game?

Hit and miss

I feel your pain… we have two little ones now so game time is almost non existent. I still have all of my games and occasionally on a Friday night I will just stay up super late and play after the kids go down. I don’t want to introduce games until they are older.

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Links Awakening remake is getting released tonight.

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