Who here loves LEGOs?


Just curious. I love the older legos, like this pirate and space kinds. At my house we have three big bins full of LEGO pieces, most of which were once my father’s. Does or did anyone love to play with them?


I used to play with LEGO a lot. Not so much anymore!


I have a bunch! I grew up playing with them and hope my kids do too!


no legos but I do play minecraft occasionally I am pretty good at building here is a cathedral I built (I am aware there is no Cathedra or lectern) This is not me in the video it is someone who is commenting on the building.


Are you from England?


That’s beautiful!


My kids used to love Lego. They’d spend hours creating all sorts and then explaining to me all about them. Probably the best presents we ever gave them. It wasn’t so much the models actually, they had more fun just making their own imaginary things and of course buildings.



I am not.



I also have a few bins full of Legos, some from my childhood mixed with many more pieces from my son’s childhood. Right now, I like them where they are in the bin. I don’t miss the pain of stepping on a piece when barefooted! Maybe someday there will be a grandchild to play with them, or my son will want them, or I’ll relive my childhood and bring them out again.


I think the last one I bought for my nephew was the ghostbusters fire station. Thousands of pieces. He loved it. But, he’s basically run out of space for any more. I built a wall unit to expand his bedroom vertically. It was filled instantly. I also got him a set of flourescent planets which are suspended across the room diagonally.

I don’t think he has many pieces of clothing that are not trademarked with angry birds star wars cars or such.


Oh. I was just wondering because you wrote LEGO plural with no “s.” Here in the US we use the s but I know in England (and maybe other countries too) it never has an s.


I’m an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) My brother gave me my first Lego set in 1985 when I was in college. It went all downhill from there. I now own a lot of Lego. My big projects are my church (St. Benebrick), a huge cross made of yellow and red Lego that’s larger than me and I’m currently working on the pope’s inter-galactic emmisarial space ship for making papal visits to ET’s once they’re discovered. It’s a work in progress (WIP)

Here’s a few pics of the rear pod bay doors. Play well! :smiley:


More Lego fun. The Swiss Guard rolls out it’s latest weapon in the defense of he Holy See


Here’s a link to a thread I made on St. Benebrick. I’m currently expanding the gardens.


Oh, well I’m from Canada and I’ve always used LEGO without the s.


The LEGO group wants us to refer to their Lego style building blocks as ‘LEGO’ as to avoid confusion with it’s lesser competitors.

*This post is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Lego group nor any of it’s associates.

Some more pics of the Benedict XVI. It’s actually come a long way since then.


My younger son (he’s 10) lives for Legos, especially anything Star Wars-related. Of course when I was a kid I played with them but not too enthusiastically, and at that time they were just blocks not sets that you built into structures and vehicles. You had to use your own imagination - and when it comes to building, I don’t have any.


Count me in. I had at one time, still have most the LOTR series. The last big kit I bought was Saturn V. My largest kit ever was the Taj Mahal.


I liked Lego but like Tomarin I date back to a time when they were mostly blocks. They were just getting started with the movie tie in stuff and the themed sets when I was a kid and mostly towards the latter end of my childhood.


You guys are making my creations seem a lot less impressive😄 but no less fun to build.

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