Who here subscribes to "This Rock"?


Have any of you gotten an issue since the December book review issue? I ordered a subscription and got the December issue with a whole bunch of other stuff I ordered but I haven’t gotten a Jan or Feb issue yet…

Wanted to know if anybody else got it before I called CA to find out what’s up.


I have had no problems, I’ve received my issues. You may want to give CA a call and request your issues and see if something has happened to your account.


its now available on line at no cost also. Check the Catholic Answers home page



It looks like the issues posted on the web are delayed 4-5 months, is that correct?


Yes, I have received two issues since the “book” issue. I have been a subscriber for about seven years.


Peace be with you all,

I’ve been a subscriber for about a year or two now. Very edifying I must say.

Peace, Love and Blessings.


FYI, it was just a small administration slip up. All is well now. They fixed the mistake and are sending me the issues I missed.

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