Who investigates "ecumenical" movements?

Who in the U.S. Catholic Church investigates allegedly “ecumenical” movements and critiques them?

I would suppose the USCCB…why do you ask?

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Thanks for the reply RyanL,I’m doing some research for my brother…he also was inquiring about the Kairos Movement and our Catholic stance on the movement, see the thread in regards to that question. Exactly what does USCCB stand for? Again, thanks for your reply.

I’m afraid my response was probably a bit vague (even when explained)…the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as an answer is kinda’ like saying “The Vatican” investigates heresy. I’m sure there’s more info on their webpage


like anything else, if a group purporting to teach CAtholic doctrine or form an association of lay CAtholics attempts to organize in a diocese the bishop has jurisdiction over them, and they must have his permission to operate. That does not prevent anybody from printing a letterhead, sending out a mailing or creating a website and calling themselves anything they want. Never heard of kairos, except as a retreat offered for students in Jesuit high schools, and the ones I know had very good, fruitful experiences. If there is an ecumenical group called Kairos I would need more details.

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