Who is a patron saint of apologetics/apologists?


Who is a patron saint of apologetics/apologists?


www.catholic.org lists the following as patron saints of apologists:

Catherine of Alexandria
Justin Martyr
Thomas Aquinas


I must say I am looking in an old saints book and have found several but not one specifically for apologetics.

St. Augustine is the Patron of Theologians

St. Justin Patron of Lecturers

St. John Baptist De La Salle Patron of Teachers

St. John Vianny Patron of Priests

St. Ignatius of Loyola Patron of Retreats

But as I said this is an old book, it seems to me that someone like St. Paul, St. John the Baptist, or St. Peter may be very beneficial for these causes but I did not find one just for you, other then the above listed.


For apologists, it’s the following:

Catherine of Alexandria
Justin Martyr
Thomas Aquinas


If you encounter any Calvinists along the way, you should ask the intercession of St. Francis de Sales.

Then Francis had a bad idea – at least that’s what everyone else thought. This was during the time of the Protestant reformation and just over the mountains from where Francis lived was Switzerland – Calvinist territory. Francis decided that he should lead an expedition to convert the 60,000 Calvinists back to Catholicism. But by the time he left his expedition consisted of himself and his cousin. His father refused to give him any aid for t his crazy plan and the diocese was too poor to support him.

For three years, he trudged through the countryside, had doors slammed in his face and rocks thrown at him. In the bitter winters, his feet froze so badly they bled as he tramped through the snow. He slept in haylofts if he could, but once he slept in a tree to avoid wolves. He tied himself to a branch to keep from falling out and was so frozen the next morning he had to be cut down. And after three years, his cousin had left him alone and he had not made one convert.

Francis’ unusual patience kept him working. No one would listen to him, no one would even open their door. So Francis found a way to get under the door. He wrote out his sermons, copied them by hand, and slipped them under the doors. This is the first record we have of religious tracts being used to communicate with people.

The parents wouldn’t come to him out of fear. So Francis went to the children. When the parents saw how kind he was as he played with the children, they began to talk to him.

By the time, Francis left to go home he is said to have converted 40,000 people back to Catholicism.



What about St. Paul??? I’d say he could be considered one of the greatest ones!


[quote=Annunciata]What about St. Paul??? I’d say he could be considered one of the greatest ones!

I thought he was the patron saint of publishers? He’d be good as patron of apologists, though. How about St. Iranaeus?


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