Who is at the right hand of Jesus?


Hi everyone, I have reason to ask who is at the right hand of Jesus, individualy? I know the sheep are at His right and the goats at His left in Rev. and the right hand is considered a “favored” position, but I was wondering is there any catholic reference to whom is at His right hand? Thank you, Tim


Hi Tim. I’m not sure if there is any official teaching on this. And I don’t think we can know, for sure (well, not till we get there… hopefully! :smiley: ); But my own personal guess… I would say that Our Blessed Mother, Mary is at her Son’s right Hand. I think it’s a pretty fair assumption, that Our Lady is very, very close to the Throne of God.

The Queen Mother… (which is Our Lady!)… always has a very high position in a Royal Court. I believe Dr. Scott Hahn goes over this in his book “Hail, Holy Queen”.


God bless.


Thanks for such a quick response MarieVeronica. I did a little search on google and got hits all across the board. We know the Lord was asked for this position for the sons of Zebedee (James & John?) and He responded with, can you drink from this cup. They said they could.

I’m sure the Holy Mother is close at hand and even though I am currently reading 2 books, I’ll look into Dr. Hahn’s book when I’m done with them.

I have to ask, is David ever considered for this position or could he be a reference to something bigger? On that thought, we know that 12 stars are in His right hand in Rev. :hmmm: Thanks, Tim


I agree with that assumption, and have come to see the logic of it from reading that book. I was always taught that Mary is Queen of Heaven, but didn’t really understand that until I read Dr Hahn, although the Church has taught this for ages.


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