Hi Catholic FORMS. In the GOSPELS , are we BARABBAS a sinner who deserves CRUXIFIXION and DEATH the (ANTI-MESSIAH) ? or the Jews who betrayed and rejected God through Jesus Christ? I’m just curious because if I’m Barabbas, I would be the (ANTI-MESSIAH)/(ANTI-CHRIST)? " I am BARABBAS is a sermon by Judah Smith


Benedict 16th takes an interesting look at the name and potential meanings in his great work, “Jesus of Nazareth.”


I remember an old fiction book that was made into a movie about Barabbas and what he did after he was freed.
Fiction, but a good story.


thanks but BARABBAS, is a badly sinner and we are sinners too right? so a Protestant Pastor concluded that We are BARABBAS? I’m asking here is if we are BARABBAS? who deserves CRUXIFIXION and DEATH and not the Jews?


Yes, in a sense we are all Barabbas because Jesus suffered for our sins while we got to go free.


If we are BARABBAS are we the (ANTI-MESSIAH) as said in the Book of Pope Benedict Jesus of Nazareth?


It’s not “wrong”, but I think there’s better, more cohesive ways to look at it.


I have no idea what that book is and I prefer to say we are all sinners as that is what Scripture and catechism say.


Okay :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought so. We are sons of the Father. And we are images of Christ. And Christ did die for our sins.

But, I don’t think we are anti-Christ’s, if we accept His sacrifice and turn to Him for our salvation.

2 Corinthians 5:15 And he died for all, that those who live might live no longer for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.


barrabbas was the troublemaker who was freed based on the rabble-rousing of the crowd

either barrabbas or jesus was going to be crucified on the very first good friday

we all know what’d happened


The scene with Barabbas and Jesus was a fulfillment of a portion of The Day of Atonement ceremony where 2 identical goats were chosen–one as the Scapegoat and one as the goat which was to be sacrificed. The goats had to be identical–thus Barabbas’ name means "son of the father’ and Jesus was the actual son of the father. The people confessed their sins and the sins were laid upon the scapegoat, thus the scapegoat became guilty of sin. The ‘guilty’ scapegoat was led into the wilderness and released, whereas the innocent goat was led away to be sacrificed.
We are all guilty of sin, so in that sense, yes, we are all Barabbas. Jesus, the innocent one, took our place and died for our sins, though he was innocent and guilty of nothing.


Barabbas full name was Jesus Barabbas - as noted in the NAB Bible, some variant manuscripts read “Jesus Barabbas”.

Barabbas means “son of the father”

So to piggy back with the ^above post.

“Barabbas, aka Jesus son of the father”

Was released as the scapegoat

And Jesus, the Son of the Father, was made our holocaust.

Another interesting sidenote: I wonder if this tradition and manuscript variant is where the Muslims got the idea that Jesus wasnt really crucified but rather his shadow? Very interesting…


very interesting about the 2 goats (fulfilment of day of atonement) and being similar as possible I never heard it like that before Barabbas confused me as well cause I think some anti Christians even used Barabbas against Christians saying why 2 people are named jesus and weather he was a real person etc


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