Who is Cicero ?

Who is Cicero ?

When Cicero was born ?

The natural law, present in the heart of each man and established by reason, is universal in its precepts and its authority extends to all men. It expresses the dignity of the person and determines the basis for his fundamental rights and duties:

For there is a true law: right reason. It is in conformity with nature, is diffused among all men, and is immutable and eternal; its orders summon to duty; its prohibitions turn away from offense . . . . To replace it with a contrary law is a sacrilege; failure to apply even one of its provisions is forbidden; no one can abrogate it entirely. (**Cicero**, Rep. III,22,33)


Here’s a neat article about that paragraph from the CCC:



The author of the most fun things to translate :slight_smile:

Oh dear, someone has been taught latin…good old tully!


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He was a Roman orator, politician, lawyer and philosopher during the end period of the Roman Republic. He was assassinated in 44 BC. He is well known for establishing the foundations of European law and is an important thinker in the Western secular tradition. In his lifetime he was known for popularizing older Greek philosophy and for his principled political career. Also, he invented the phrase ‘common sense’ (sensus communis).

He’s the fundamental Latin writer if you ever study the language.

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