Who is Dr. Thomas "Mac Smith"?


   I  read  a post last year about this fellow.  He now claims to bear the marks of  the   Stigmata,   sees  The Blessed Mother Mary on  regular basis,  and gives dire warnings. However,  I have not seen what  the Church has to say about him.   He  comes to a  church  in  Washington, Lousiana.   The earlier  post  said that he once was a priest.

  Does anyone know more?

I did translate one of his messages:

"My children, I come to you tonight in Ville Platte for the faith of their ancestors and my love for you. I come to ask you to pray, to forgive, but especially to focus their lives around my Son Jesus. I come to teach the power of prayer, the Holy Mass and the Sacraments. I come to teach them to love. I come in times of great darkness in the world. But just as the lightning comes in a dark cloud, so the darkness is dispelled by light. I come to light. I come to ask you to pray the prayer of the “love offering”, which I’m spreading throughout Latin America, Africa and here. This place has been specially chosen for their faith to me. When in other places I wanted, here I have always wanted. I will come here for long. Tonight I will bless. Remove from purgatory to all his family ten generations ago and will take with me to heaven. Try to be people who want to come with me to heaven. Ask for poor people, their souls are equally loved by God, and not to be persuaded by the devil. Keep your eyes fixed on my Son Jesus. Keep your eyes fixed on his presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Keep your eyes fixed on the hands of God the Father. The Holy Spirit is descending upon you at this time. As time passes, I would say the things you’ll need to know and who might then pass. We are one step in a major war. Only prayer can prevent to some extent, the war will come. At this time, and imposing the’m embracing my hands on each one of you. I love them very much and thank you very much for coming. God has great plans in their lives. Also heal many of you tonight if not tonight, healing will occur in an interval of one to two weeks. Go to confession and pray, asking for people who love life, pray that abortion is completed. For some time the Church will go through major problems but in the end. “Gates of hell shall not against it.” The Church will join the unit through the cross and resurrection. Pray the prayer that I have given, “La Ofrenda de Amor”, many people and you will become apostles in their homes. Join in prayer as often as possible. Only prayer will save the world and only through prayer stone hearts can feel the love of God, and thus return to God the Father, the creator, with tears of forgiveness and repentance. If mankind does not repent will come many natural disasters. Not because God is angry with you, but because God can not tolerate idolatry in any form, especially those that go directly against God the Father, such as witchcraft, Freemasonry, Satanism and Communism. Communism is not dead. The dragon is trying to spread communism in Latin America but I would not let him. I will not let because people are praying and it’s healing. This evening when they approach you to pray for my heart will be there. I will be standing next to you and ask you to place all their hopes and hearts in my heart and let my love come to you. I bless the rosaries, medals and flowers. Take them home and take care. Thanks for listening to my call. " ]’

This might be the same person;


Not Church approved.

Ah…thank you

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