Who is E.A. Bucchianeri?

In my dive down the rabbit hole of researching true vs false prophecy for our modern times / end times, I happened upon a blog by the author E.A. Bucchianeri called, " The Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff Prophecies." She also authors a blog entitled, " Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies For Our Times," and “Books, Babble and Blarney.”

Without being an expert, I do nevertheless know how to spot red flags with many of today’s noise-causing, self-promoting false prophets, like Fr. Michel Rodrigue and others on the Countdown to the Kingdom website.

The content at The Great Catholic Monarch by E.A. Bucchianeri website seems well-researched and free of doctrinal error. Does anyone have any information to validate or invalidate her work?

Does it indicate the presence of the Imprimatur and Nihil obstat? This, not your independent judgement, is how we determine works are “free of doctrinal error”.


Looks like she also promotes the Malachi Martin prophesy and discusses other unapproved private revelations. We’re not allowed to discuss the veracity of such things on this site.


“Do not post material from unapproved private revelations.”

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Yes, of course, thank you.
Do websites / blogs get nihil obstats and imprimaturs?

My intention was not to post any of the content of the author’s research, whether from approved or unapproved sources, but rather to ask about the author herself if anyone has any insight.

It seems like someone’s private mix of approved and unapproved apparitions in one soup… And their private judgment on meaning of them. So, it is just private judgment of that person. Chuch didn’t say it.
We are never obliged to believe in any private revelation.

That website cannot have Imprimatur or Nihil Obstat because it is just personal blog with many different apparitions (only some of these revelations have it) and it isn’t official Church’s site.
Half of them are unapproved. So not worth of belief.

There are milions of pages like that one, with many messages, prophecies to prove soon Doomsday. It is popular these days.

This is great site to check if apparitions are approved http://www.miraclehunter.com/marian_apparitions/statements/index.html#piacenza

So I have to ask: why are you researching modern-times prophecy and trying to decide if it is true or false? This is not an occupation the Church encourages.

That’s a very good question. I’m going to give that some thought and discernment…

To be clear, though, I didn’t mean to imply in any way that I’m “researching” in any way frantically, nervously, end-times-prophetically, or as my soul occupation, which is, I know, one of the traps the devil uses by throwing thousands of false mystics our way to confuse, misguide, and distract from a more ordered focus on prayer, scripture, and the sacraments. It saddens me to hear of those who so urgently filled their garages with months of prep supplies at the doom-warnings of some likely false prophets.

Rather than being guided by fear, when I read the approved apparitions and messages of Our Blessed Mother and the saints, even those apocalyptic in nature, I am filled with joy and hope.

And yes, I do appreciate the work of Michael O-Neill at the Miracle Hunter website. In fact, his brief information on Marie Julie-Jahenny might have been one of the bread crumbs that led me to the above-mentioned author as I sought more information.



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