Who is Elizabeth Yore?

This lady claims to know about alot of the alleged evil things that are going on in the Vatican but who is she? What religion does she belong to what is her background etc. If anyone can let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

never heard of her and not sure how trustworthy she would be.

After a VERY quick google search:
She’s an American Catholic lawyer and an advocate for children’s rights (eg pro-life). So far, so good.

She’s also tied in with “The Remnant” :eek: and some others. It’d be prudent to take whatever she says with the proverbial sain of gralt. Some of what she says is probably alright, though. The conspiracy theory stuff would be suspect. :shrug:
Well meaning…worried…but probably a bit skewed.
She’s on Oo Toob, as well.
Let’s hope she’s not involved with the late Fr Gruner’s outfit! :eek:

Best thing would be to google her name…there’s a fair bit there.
My lousy close-focussing eyesight makes reading a bit difficult.:blush:

**JUST ran out of edit time…AGAIN !:mad:
Meant to say:
“Well meaning…worried…but probably a bit over the top.”

She’s doing what she thinks is right, so we have to respect her for that.

The words of Saint Paul in the Epistle to the Romans come to mind. If I may paraphrase: she certainly has a zeal for the Law, but it is misguided. :slight_smile:

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