Who is Jack Chick?


I seriously don’t really know who he is, but I hear a great many complaints about him on this forum. So fess up- who is he?


Congratulations, you just opened yourself for an intensive (and very good) study on this guy.

[size=4]The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick[/size]


He’s the guy who writes those anti-Catholic cartoon pamphlets that people leave on windshields, in washrooms, and on bus and airplane seats.

His art has a lot in common with the style of Robert Crumb, of Fritz the Cat and Keep On Truckin’ fame. (At one time, I used to think they were the same person.)


%between%(Link Removed) You can see some of his garbage there. Yes, he is very anti-catholic. And it isn’t just those little pamphlets that deserve attention. He has some anti-catholic comic books as well. The first of the series against catholics is “Alberto.”

And would you believe that I know someone who believes all that garbage? She takes it as gospel truth. Oh, yes!! The catholic church is the “whore of babylon.” It was the catholic church that started Islam. And other such nonsense. The whole of it is out right disgusting.:mad:


Jack Chick is the Grand Pooh-Bah of anti-Catholicism.
He is a serious conspiracy theorist, who has come up with such gems as:

  1. Catholics are actually followers of ancient Mesopotamian “gods”.
  2. The King James Version of the Bible is the only Bible that was not created by atheists, satanists, & pagans.
  3. The Jesuits assassinated Abraham Lincoln.(I just:rolleyes: love this one!)
    4.The Catholic Church founded Islam.
  4. Witches have infiltrated all churches except those who use the KJV. (See #1, above).
    6.The Pope is the antichrist.
  5. Hitler and Stalin were Jesuit priests. (I couldn’t make this stuff up).
  6. The Pope is the not the head of the Catholic Church, the Jesuits are.
  7. Statues & paintings of Mary with the child Jesus are actually representations of the Egyptian “goddess” Isis.
  8. The Pilgrims were Jesuits. (Yeah, I know…:cool:we should **all **have figured that out in the first grade…It’s so obvious).
  9. The Masons are–you guessed it–Jesuits.:shrug:

I dunno…I think the man needs to get a life. He’s spending too much time in his Underground Vault, reading:eek: Maria Monk & Co by the coal-oil light. That’ll scramble anybody’s brains…


best science fiction writer ever, besides l. ron hubbard and joseph smith.


I dunno…I think the man needs to get a life.

He had a life. It’s over now. Chick is now in the afterworld. I hope there’s a YouTube in Heaven, so I can someday see his face as God explains things to him.

I hope he somehow found his way home, even after all the vicious things he said about us.


hes not dead.


Jack Chick is the author of Chick Tracts, those disgustingly anti-Catholic “gospel tracts” that promote a lot of anti-Catholic conspiracy theories. For example, Jack Chick believes that the Eucharist is actually an ancient Egyptian god or something that we copied from the ancient Egyptians. I don’t remember if I got the details about that right or not but I am thinking that I did get it right. If I got it wrong then somebody please feel free to correct me. I think you might enjoy Catholic Answers’ Special Report on Chick Tracts:


God bless! :slight_smile:


Ah, so he isn’t. Sorry. Got taken in by a rumor.


Even i have heard of Jack Chick, and i live in Singapore. Too bad out internet media has blocked out access to his site.

Jack is the the kind of guy who wakes up at the wrong side of the bed everyday and thinks to himself,

“Damn Catholics, they must have spoilt my coffee and i wanted decaff”:confused: I think i’ll show my grattitude for them today…draw a hilarious comic book about them being damned to salvation. And whilst i’m writing, i can also contemplate on the grace that God has given me :cool: , as i am sure God is pleased with my gift of the gap through papyrus. Scribe!, scribe!..where are you now? Go get me my writing tools! (No reply) “Idiot! Fine!..I think i’ll show that sorry excuse for a Jew for not handing me the tools i need in time. Think i’ll condemn him too. God will be doubly pleased!” :eek: :shrug:


Yet another anti-Christ. Nothing new. There are more subtle Anti-Christs out there and way more dangerous, who would deceive even the elect, if it were possible.


The Jesuits instigated the American Civil War, supporting the Confederate cause and seeking to undermine the Union. When they failed, they arranged the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.[3] Later, they formed the Ku Klux Klan.[4]

Doesn’t Mr. Chick realize that the KKK are anti-Catholic?


Wow. Singapore filters your Internet? That must really suck. I am against Internet censorship personally.

By the way, I like your user name.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if Jack Chick honestly believes the stuff he writes about Catholics. I mean, does he honestly believe that the Vatican has a computer with all the names of Protestants in it so that the Vatican can use it in “future persecutions”? :shrug:


I think he’s serious. After all, to live in hiding for decades, a man must be afraid of something. He was born in the '20’s. He picked up the anti-Catholic stuff from a suave con man and the witchcraft stuff from another around 1970. I’m fairly sure at least one of those men lived with him during at least part of the time they were feeding him conspiracy stories. By about '72 or '73 he had committed to spreading everything those two men wanted him to say. That was 35 years ago. He was middle-aged then. Read Jimmy Aiken’s encounter with him. He sounds like a very paranoid person.
He’s fascinating. Childlike, but serious; suspicious, but gullible; prolific, but uneven in artistry; secretive, but expressive; about 80; after a lifetime of immersion in theweirdest thoughts. What must it be like to be him – or to work for him?


Maybe your government is a blessing even without intending to be. :smiley:


Well for all his faults, I’m greatful that his tracts inspired me to learn more about the Catholic Church. If he had kept it low key I might have fallen for it, but how can a young child read those whoppers and not get curious? :eek:


Nuh-uh. Gene Wolfe.


I thought that it should be mentioned that Jack Chick is part of the “Kings James Only” movement. To my knowledge (finite :slight_smile: ), I know of no one who has embraced this paradigm who is not a rabid anti-Catholic.



Isn’t that something else?:confused: Wasn’t the King James Version translated by a team that included Catholics?

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