Who is Jacob?! (LOST fans)

Was any other LOST fans a little disappointed when they finally unveiled Jacob last night? I’m not really sure what/who I was expecting, but seeing him…it’s like, what? that’s him?..okay. However, I’m still intrigued and captivated.

Overall, it was a great finale.

What are your thoughts?

Was the other man on the beach Esau?


  1. Jacob was the founder/leader of the Israelites - Jacob is the leader and possible founder of the Others
  2. Jacob and Esau had a rivalry - Jacob and the other man on the beach have a rivalry
  3. Esau vowed to kill Jacob - the other man on the beach vows to kill Jacob
  4. Jacob offered Esau food in the Bible when Esau was starving, and in return made Esau promise Jacob his birthright - Jacob offered the other man food in the Lost finale, which could amount to his way of rubbing salt in an old wound

I thought it was a really interesting episode. The other man, who I’ll call Esau, appears to have been plotting Jacob’s death for a long time.

When Locke went down the well at the site of the future Swan, after he was separated from his friends, he saw a ‘vision’ of Jack’s father, Christian Shephard. I believe this man was actually Esau. The Christian-apparition told Locke that Locke not only had to bring them all back, but that Locke would have to die to do it.

This fits perfectly with Esau’s plans. Since Locke is the current leader of the Others, he is the only one who is allowed an audience with Jacob. Esau knew that Jacob did not have the ability to resurrect the dead, but no one else knew this (although Richard Alpert, who seems to be the most in-the-know, is visibly surprised at Locke’s supposed resurrection.) So Esau used this opportunity to take on the guise of being Locke, and in doing so, guaranteed an audience with his reclusive rival, Jacob.

As to the flashbacks in which Jacob meets with Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Sun/jin, I’m not sure if I believe that was really Jacob in every instance, or if it was actually the devious Esau. In Sawyer’s flashback, we see Jacob facilitate Sawyer’s vengeful nature by offering him a pen to write the infamous letter. And in Sayid’s flashback, we see him appear to Sayid at the very moment that Charles Widmore’s assasins killed Nadya (which suggests he knew the precise details of how the assasination would take place), yet he did nothing to warn Sayid.

I think Jacob is like the mythical “fates” who have the ability to cut the strings of life. He has other things going on more than that, but he was “weaving the thread” at the beginning and at the end he mentioned something about the thread.

I think on the island, he is able to stop death and sickness if he wants to. I.E. Locke not dying when he was clearly shot by Ben with no help around, Ben not dying after being taken into the temple, Rose being healed of her cancer, Jin being healed of reproductive problems. He has a harder time stopping death off island, if he’s not around. I think, if Jacob were not there, Locke would have died from that fall. When Jacob touched him he kind of gasped back to life.

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