Who is Jesus (for you)


Well iv’e got a friend His name is Jesus
He Never lets me down and His yoke is easy.

Yeh I gota friend his name is the Emanual
spoken about often by a man named Samual

He gave His life that i might live
for my sake His life He did give

There is no other as the way to the Father
Although he tells us in the bible to love His Mother

On a wooden stake they hung Him high
with armes outstretched they thought he died

No! that was the plantiing of the seed
to give us a chance to get rid of weed

Very soon He’ll come again
and when He does there’ll be no pain

Your right I’ve got a friend called JESUS Christ
I’ll love Him love Him love Him for the rest of my life.


Add yours for Jesus


Jesus is the only person who has never let me down, when I have sinned so badly He never walked away.
When I was lost He said “Wayne here let me give you a hand show you the way”. When my wife couldn’t understand christianity and catholic living it was Jesus who opened her eyes, it wa Jesus who sent the Holy Spirit to guide me. When I asked for some person to help me live the way Jesus wanted it was Jesus who showed me the book of St Therese " A retreat with St. Therese".
When I wanted good music to listen to I found them about Jesus, yes Mary (my mother) the saints aswell but mainly Jesus. When I wanted a name for my unborn child it was Jesus who apeared to my wife told her He would be honoured if we would call our expeced boy child the name Jesus gave.

Yes it was and is all about Jesus.
When I speak about Jesus In my heart He is the third person equal of the Trinity and so I am speaking also of the Father and Holy Spirit.



They are not 3 equals. They are one!


Actually, Jesus is the SECOND Person of the Most Holy Trinity (God, the Son). The Third Person, is the Holy Spirit. And of course, God the Father… is the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity. “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

For me (and I hope, for all of us)… Jesus is my Redeemer and my BESTEST, BESTEST Friend. And the One I love, as much as my poor creature’s heart is able to love. He means more to me, than anyone or anything.

God bless.


For me (and I hope, for all of us)… Jesus is my Redeemer and my BESTEST, BESTEST Friend. And the One I love, as much as my poor creature’s heart is able to love. He means more to me, than anyone or anything.

me too :smiley:


You are right (not that I had to mention) and that is what I ment. We could put them in so many ways but it all comes to the point that they are GOD and in pure love there is only one God and we kknow God in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

May God who is love poor His love on you all over this Christmass.


yes yes yes me to.



Jesus is my brother. :slight_smile:


Someone I’m reaching out for.


***Firstly I must correct what I have said. Jesus is the SECOND not third person of the Trinity. He is the **second/***COLOR]

Any way Jesus for me is the only person I have said Do with me what you will even when people have asked me if I have any knowledge of what that might mean or do to me. What others say is imiterial it soes not matter what Jesus does He is LOVE He cannot hurt me He is not capable to do that.
Jesus is the only person I have said Lord you are LOVE so I give myself to you no matter what, because i thought and I know
1He will Never give me what i can not take
2 he will always go before me to prepare the way
3 he is always there if I should want to speak to Him.
4 Nothing i have or ever have had would I have if it were not for Jesus
5 it is because of Jesus that i have fallen in love with the Holy Spirit of God and asked Him to use me speak through me so that others might be set free.
6 it is because of Jesus that i have a spiritual mother and spiritual brothers and sisters because Jesus told me to take He as my father and Mary as my mother that i now can say that EVERY person on earth are my brothers and sisters and I can smile with / to them make their day happy without knowing them because i know them in the spirit and when i see them I see God’s creation and I see Jesus.



For me, Jesus is my hope, all my hope and all my trust.

He is also the definite, historical affirmation of the almighty eternal God’s love for me (in particular) and all humanity (universally speaking).

Jesus is also the key to my faith. The solid centre point of history God has forged and deposited that forces me to constantly re-evaluate my life and it’s meaning in the context of His existence.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a first century Palestinian Jew who is at the same time the eternal Word of God through which all things were created is my God.


Jesus is my life

(f/ Col 3:4)


The only one who won’t abandon me

the one who doesn’t care how much $ i have or how good looking i am or what kind of car i drive…

the one who thinks i am important and that my life matters (no one else does, including me sometimes…)

He is truth, purity, power… against all evil

He is found in the Church (Real Presence)…


We pretty much know Who He is to us, but allowing Him to be really Who is to us is far more difficult than knowing Who He is.


Jesus Christ, my Master, the Son of God, the only Savior of the world - Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas to all!

And peace to the world through Christ! :bowdown:


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