Who is Jesus?


“I Am”

“I am all Love! My heart is an abyss of love.
“It was love that made man and all existing things that they might be at his service.
“It was love that moved the Father to give His Son for man’s salvation which through his own fault he had lost.
“It was love that caused a Virgin who was little more than a child to renounce the charm of life in the Temple and consent to becoming the Mother of God, thereby accepting all the suffering in the Divine Maternity.
“It was love that caused Me to be born in the inclemency of winter, poor and destitute of everything.
“It was love that hid Me thirty years in complete obscurity and humble work.
“It was love that made me choose solitude and silence, to live unknown and voluntarily to submit to the commands of my Mother and adopted Father. For love saw how in the course of ages many souls would follow My example and delight in conforming their lives to Mine.


“It was love that made Me embrace all the miseries of human nature, for the love of My Heart saw far ahead. I knew how many imperiled souls would be helped by acts and sacrifices of others and so would recover life.
“It was love that made Me suffer the most ignominious contempt and horrible tortures…and shed all My Blood and die on the Cross to save mankind and redeem the whole human race.
“And love saw how, in the future, many souls would unite themselves to My torments and dye their suffering and actions, even the most ordinary, with My Blood in order to win many souls to Me.


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