Who is Lady wisdom?

who is lady wisdom here in this verse


I think its the Virgin Mary because she was created… but im not exactly sure… what does the church have to say about it?

I suggest using approved Catholic translations of the bible. This one, at the USCCB website, offers some explanation.



The Holy Spirit?

In the book of Wisdom is appears that Wisdom is either Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

I think she has the feminine word for Spirit, I am not 100% sure.

Wisdom is a literary personification of woman, not a particular woman, so that rules out the Blessed Virgin as Wisdom.

Also, the Blessed Virgin is a creature, not present with God in the beginning.

Wisdom was with God, arguably from the beginning, but certainly from the beginning of creations (see Wisdom 10:1-21)…again, you will not be able to grasp the presence of Wisdom with God if you conclude Wisdom is a woman, rather than the literary personification of woman.


I know who Lady Stardust is, but not Lady Wisdom.

Sirach calls Wisdom “created” (Ecclus. 24:14). And doesn’t verse 12 apply fittingly to the Mother of God: Then the creator of all things commanded, and said to me: and he that made me, rested in my tabernacle?

Yes, I’d have to agree that wisdom in Proverbs 8 is being personified as a woman, in contrast to the evil woman in Proverbs 7.

I see that Eugene Peterson’s The Message was used in the op. Unfortunately Peterson practically butchered the Bible in order to create his book. I wouldn’t be able to recommend its use.

The literal meaning of Wisdom is Wisdom. It’s a feminine gender word in Hebrew, so that’s how it was used.

Since Jesus is the Logos, it’s natural to associate Him with divine wisdom. However, you can also associate it with any Person of the Trinity.

You can also associate Wisdom (and the Valiant Woman, for that matter) with the Torah or the whole Bible, or with the Church.

However, you can also allegorically or morally associate Wisdom with wise human persons, female or male, and with teachers. Since the Virgin Mary was wise, you’re good there. There are a lot of saints who get quotes from passages about Wisdom in their saint’s day Masses.

Really, you have a lot of interpretation choices if you’re looking for ways to use Scripture quotes.

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