Who is morally qualified to enforce capital punishment?


I thank much the Holy Father Francis for revising the catechism to read “DEATH PENALTY IS INADMISSIBLE”. I earnestly ask the members and moderators of this forum to accept and respect that GREAT and BRAVE decision of the Pope!
No one is Holy and therefor no one has the right to execute any person. Almighty God has already said that revenge belongs to himself (God).


Yeah, I think we’ve had our share of death penalty discussions this past week. It’s about time we let this- and the accompanying division- go. The changes have been made, and there’s nothing you or I can do.

Rejoice all you like…


The Moderators have asked that there be a moratorium on this topic. Please see


He asked that we spread the word.


This is an excellent explanation, by the way. I highly recommend reading it, because it treats the general subjects of disagreement with Church teachings that are not fallible and the “development” of social doctrine in such a clear way. It also explains the significance of different ways in which a Pope can choose to communicate such a development. It is both useful and interesting.

Honestly, it is well worth spending a good deal of time reading the discussions of doctrine written by Catholic Answers’ apologists. They have posted some excellent pieces that shouldn’t be missed.


As noted, there is a moratorium on this subject on the CAFs.

And again, for all concerned, please see this article by Jimmy Akin.



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