Who is more beautiful?




Who do you like better? :0

Since I know neither woman personally, I cannot talk about their beauty but Nicole Kidman is quite attractive. I personally find Angelina Jolie a bit odd.

Bryan, cheering you on for the Tiber Swim Team. I would not know either woman if I met them on the street, but beauty is not in outward appearance, please remember that. I have met many people who are considered plain, if not ugly, in body, but most beautiful in their souls. Peace and Grace be with you.

physically…nicole kidman is easily prettier than angelina jolie.

personality wise, i dont know either, but i know enough about each-and how they carry themselves to say that nicole kidman is definitely more stable minded and acts like a lady…i seriously question jolies mental health…

I can think of a dozen women off hand I know in real life that are physically more beautiful than either one and have the down deep beauty that makes them really shine. I’m sure you’re surrounded by beautiful people too so why worry about these women?

LIKE ME! :smiley:



I’d say Angelina because she’s not made of plastic like Nicole. Well, not as much plastic.

although both woman are attractive to the eye beauty runs much deeper.

Nicole Kidman looks so pasty white in the photos I see of her. I don’t find that attractive.

Both women are beautiful in their own way but i lean more towards Nicole Kidman as her beauty is striking.

So do I and I don’t understand the obsession with superficial looks of total strangers, all that celebrity gossip. I know many many women in my life, even in my Church, that would doubtlessly be considered beautiful by society’s standards but what I see in them is their inner beauty, their kindness, their devotion to God and how much they offer to the people around them daily which is the really important kind of beauty.

Kinda superficial, dontcha think?

ok ok we all know that beauty is only skin deep and to talk about appearances is really superficial yadda yadda yadda…ok…but for the sake of conversation…like, if we were to be judging these two in a beauty contest, which is basically EXACTLY what were doing here…so…first of all Kidman is wayyy prettier and classier than Jolie… and Jolie is WAY more plastic than Kidman! Kidman might be ‘pasty’ but at least she doesnt look like she got beat up with the botox bat…:ouch:


True. I work with about 60 women and all of them are beautiful in their own way. Okay, maybe 59 of them :eek:. Beauty is not a viewable only asset. I used to be able to say I had never known an ugly woman. Unfortunately that changed a few years ago, but still in 40 plus year I have only met one ugly woman.

Things like beauty contests and such are silly and possibly harmful. Unfortunately often times the ones who are the last to see this are women. My wife and I will watch a movie that has a very attractive woman in it and she will ask me if I think that <insert starlet of the month’s name> is pretty. I answer yes and she will go into the whole “If you think she’s pretty you cannot think I’m pretty, look at me!”

Very frustrating.

Sorry, rambling too much

you actually TELL her an answer to that!!! lmbo…my ex would just get mad at me for asking stupid questions…he said it was a set up for a follow up like, ‘well then do you think I’M fat…’ lol…or “If you think she’s pretty you cannot think I’m pretty, look at me!” hah ah ha aha ha ah…he REFUSED to even go there with me…and it used to make me sad like, i couldnt even have a conversation with him, because that honestly wasnt my intention…

but no doubt the once or twice he dared to answer thats exactly the way it ended up…we women analyze things too much :shrug:

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