Who is my patron saint?

This is embarassing, but I have forgotten. The story is that I converted to Catholicism in 1970, was active in the church for a few years, then wandered away. In 2002, I came back with new dedication and inspiration.

Given my feeble brain and long term lack of remberance…I have forgotten the name that of the saint I chose. I really don’t know where to start. My sponsor has disappeared. My wife doesn’t remember. The tiny college parish I attended is gone. Is there any other source to consider?

I have a feeling my first name was a clue to the saint I may have chosen, but not sure. Any ideas?

Choosing a patron saint at confirmation is a custom in some areas but not in others. If you do choose a saint, it’s not something that’s recorded anywhere official. So if you don’t remember and other people who might know don’t remember, I don’t think there’s any way to find out.

You might take this as an opportunity to choose a new patron saint, someone who will be meaningful in your life now. Read about different saints and see who inspires you, and make friends with that saint.

You don’t remember anything about an image of the Saint? Carrying a staff? a book? A person? Bearded? Eyeballs on a plate? Flames on his head?

Maybe you remember writing an essay about why you chose this Saint, and what he did that attracted you? Or because you wanted to be a pilot or something and picked the patron of that career?

Good suggestiong SuscipeMeDomine! This is a good time to study the saints anew.

I converted and was confirmed when I was 22, so no childhood clues or links.

This might be interesting and stimulating to review the saints, and then let one adopt me. :smiley:

In the Latin tradition the patron saint is the one that carries your first name, of course you also can celebrate the patron saint of your trade. :thumbsup:

Learn about and explore some more saints. You can have more than one patron saint. We aren’t restricted to having only 1 friend. :slight_smile:

You may not have chosen a saint as a patron as an adult receiving Confirmation; many don’t. It’s harder to remember what we didn’t do sometimes than what we did! :wink:

Maybe just choose another one going by your first or middle name, or by your common intrests. Mine it St. Vitus because he is the patron Saint of dancers.:slight_smile:

Something like this happened to me too.

I was born a cradle Catholic…life, bad decisions, poorly Catechized…ya da ya da ya da…now I’m back full swing in my beautiful Catholic faith.

Nobody remembers my patron saint when I was confirmed in 8th grade. I called the parish & they lost those records. So, I decided to choose my own patron saint now.

There’s so many I love that it has been a really hard choice. :wink:

The Virgin Mary is the patron saint of the United States, she’s always a good one to pick :slight_smile:

Like I have 3 saints I would call my patron saint. Blaise (illnesses of the throat) because his is my Confirmation name, Cecilia (musicians) because I sing and play flute for the choir, and Mary because my birthday falls on the day of the Assumption

First name is Thomas, so St. Thomas might be a superior fit. For the longest, I was a “Doubting Thomas.”

You could model a prayer after the Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel (Angele Dei) using

O Patron Saint, … pray for me.

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom his love entrusts me here, enlighten and guard, rule and guide me.

I chose Mary for my confirmation name after the Blessed Mother… later did I find out that my grandmother had a special devotion to her. Now I realize where I got my devotion from

That is beautiful. Thomas is one of my favorite apostle.

We are all Doubting Thomas’ occasionally.

We humans are a stubborn lot.

How about a Carrivaggio painting for your prayer area? I love how he has the others looking over Thomas’ shoulder also confirming their belief.

Would love to know who is my Patron Saint. I was born in Puerto Rico,but raised in New York,my date of birth is 09-18-1961:)

I have no way of refuting this other than, a very long time ago, when I was confirmed I used my middle name. I seem to think that all the boys did the same. Not sure about the girls as we were separated for our instruction.

Times have changed, and my memory is not always reliable, I think today the children choose a Saint not necessarily one with their name but one they have come to admire.

I used Marie as my confirmation name,:slight_smile:

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