Who is our creator....Jesus (as Lord of Hosts)...or His Father?

I am very troubled by this question.

In Isaiah chpt 43, The Lord of Hosts, is the creator. In Rev chpt 4, He who sits on the throne, is our creator, with Rev chpt 5 stating that the bloodied Lamb takes the sealed book from the right hand of He who sits on the throne. In Acts, we are told that Jesus was made both Lord and Christ (one ‘figure’?). In John, chpt 1, it states that,“He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.” In Rev, we find both figures (ie. Rev. chpt 4 and 5) sitting on the throne. In the N/T, we are told that it was ‘The Son’ that created everything, specifically referring to Jesus Christ.

What is the ‘common’ belief, concerning the two figures found in Revelation? Is it assumed, that both figures are Jesus (one as Lord of Hosts and one as Christ)?

Your input would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you.

To create, is a work of all three Divine Persons.

Thank you for your posting.

We know that The Holy Ghost was involved in creation (Genesis), but I can assume (right or wrong) that The Holy Ghost (who proceedeth from the Father) is ‘involved’ with ALL ‘things’ (as a spirit of truth). The scriptures that I have referenced, specifically ‘designate’ a SINGLE person/figure as ‘the creator’.

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