Who is Santa Muerte?


my neighbor has a saint that is a skeleton that wears a rosary. i ask who it is he says la Santísima Muerte. que es Santa Muerte? he says a saint for peticiones de amor. suerte y protección. petitions of love. luck and protection.

he is not a good Catholic. he says things i know are not real belief. do we have a Saint for Death who prays for love? this i do not think is real.


Here’s a Wikipedia article…


Obviously, this is an example of what in Russian is called “dvaverinie”–“double faith”: folk beliefs and paganism with a veneer of Christianity.

This is not to be confused with the custom existing in some Franciscan houses once upon a time when the newly professed would embrace "Sister Death–a skeleton dressed in a habit.


**** Oh,My gosh! I can not beleive such a thing exsist! I find it so hard to understand why or even that “The Day Of The Dead,or Santa Murete”,is thought of in this way? I do think we need a day to remember the dead,but not in such way,as to dress a skeleton,or dress it as Our Blessed Mother. Hopefully the Catholic Church does not accept this? Does It?

My loved ones are thought of all the time.My son is with us every minute of every day,I would never celebrate his death in this way! I clicked on the web-site to read about this. I have seen people celebrate this here in the Valley,but never quite understood why,or what it was about?
Thank you for making this clear,and sharing the site with us. It makes no sense to me. It sounds pretty much the opposite of what God would want. I don’t think it seems proper to protray our Blessed Mother in this way. I’m sorry but find it hard to accept. No offense to anyone. I never knew this really was celebrated in this way?
Our world has enough without more blastamy on our Catholic Religion,and our faith,and Our Lord and his Mother. I hope I don’t offend anyone,but this is my opinion. Madelena


No. Mexican bishops have spoken out repeatedly against this cult.

The Santa Muerte cult reflects “the tremendous fear of death in contemporary society” says the Bishop of Nuevo Laredo, the Right Rev Humberto Robles Cotas. “All of us, absolutely all of us need an interior sense of security, but people who have pushed God out of the picture will cling to anything to feel secure and are clinging to this cult to get that sense of security,” he declares.

Santa Muerte, the Mexican death cult


the Bishops have forbidden this. It’s not actually Catholic, and goes against Catholic beliefs.


This is sad, but true. I my self am of Mexican decent and I really find myself ashamed that some people are so ignorant to see this figure as a “saint”. I mean it doesn’t take much to really see that there is something wrong with reverence of this abominable figure. I’ve seen small ceramic statues, vinyls on rear windows of cars, jewelry, etc., not only in Mexico, but all around where I live as well; then again I live 15 minutes away from the border. There is a nother figure that is considered a “saint” as well, in case those of you who do not know, his name is Jesus Malverde. This icon is also associated with the saint of drug traffickers. This person has no historical basis of even existing, but supposedly he was a type of a Mexican Robin Hood. I actually went to Palm Sunday Mass and there was a group of people outside selling icons, rosaries, palm leaves shaped like crosses outside of church. When I got out I saw a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe with Jesus Malverde. I was really concerned about seeing and called the priest and let him know that the Church should not even be associated with this figure, he said he would take care of it.


This is the cult of the Santisima Muerte (Holy Death) and unfortunately you can very easily find statues of this in most Botanica’s (Latino Santeria/Occult Shops) and even Bodega’s (grocery stores).

The blending of pagan/superstitious beliefs with the Catholic faith is nothing new and can be found all over the world. The antedote to such ignorance is for faithful Catholic’s to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ who believe in such things. You can try and talk about the dangers of following such a cult but it will often fall on deaf ears so just pray for them to see the light.


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