Who is the Evil One?


I’ve recently done some thinking, and I had an amazing revelation that since God transcends time and space, then any possible theory we could have on how it may be possible for the Evil One to overpower the Lord will have been considered before our existence.

Logically, I considered that as long as God has more power than the Evil One, who could not exist without the universe created by God, He will beat the Evil One when the time comes.

I have two questions, then, which are most likely a result of my lack of knowledge of the Bible and the Catechism:
*]Are the Evil One, Satan, the Devil, Beelzebub, etc., all the same person? The context of the Bible from just my understanding doesn’t necessarily call these individuals one and the same.
*]What is the origin of the Evil One? Is he the “fallen angel” he is usually considered to be, or is there some other origin to his existence?

I hold to the understanding that God is stronger than the Evil One and definitely wins in the end (as it would be preposterous to consider otherwise), and I’m pretty sure that the answer to this overall question of “Why?” exists, and I just don’t know it. I’m just wondering what the answer is; thanks in advance, and God bless! :smiley:


God was not “overpowered”…

Such would be to misunderstand the nature of God and the nature of the fallen creature - the fallen angel called the devil…the evil one…etc

Here these two sections will be helpful too you





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