Who is the greatest Catholic apologetic of all time?

St.Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes,…?

Jesus Christ

I could say myself. After all, I’ve apologized numerous times the last 11 years for not becoming Catholic sooner.:smiley:

Same here! :thumbsup:

Wanna flip for it? Heads you win. Tails I lose?:smiley:


Add the Holy Spirit to that, in a tie.

But as for people who are not part of the Trinity, I’d have to go with St. Paul.


Francis de Sales
Ronald Knox
Frank Sheed

I think I’d second that! Or St. Peter (After all he got 3000 all at once on the Day of Pentecost!)

Hands down–G. K. Chesterton. All the modern apologists we admire so much read him and thought of him as the master apologist.

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