Who is the most trustworthy Fox News personality these days?

Cannot agree with you more!!

Catherine Herridge even though she left Fox for CBS because “truth is important…”
AND Stuart Varney. He has a great show. Seems very honest.

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I don’t know Stuart, but I deeply respect Catherine Herridge.

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Tucker Carlson…it seems to me

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I would agree with all but Chris Wallace, whom I find snide in his approach to guests. I would readily replace him with Maria Bartiromo.

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I do think he’s snide. But I also think he’s fair. He seems snide to everyone.

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Looks like someone else watches a lot of Fox.

It’s pretty much a “trustworthy” news station. Shares my priorities.
No FAKE news … and even their “advocate commentators” are rather clearly labelled – and have representative guests with contrary opinions to spar with.

In a close race I’d give it to Laura Ingraham for commentator over Hannity … although his staff seems to find the most egregious threats to our society for him to get angry at and revile (he does indignant “well”). They both have the savvy to do clips of Rush Limbaugh’s best weekly hits too. So it’s close.

For comedy commentary I enjoy the Gutfeld Show’s panel …
especially Kat Timpf and Tom Shallue’s skits and impressions … and Tyrus being Tyrus.

Jesse Watters edges out Gutfeld in the humor department … due to a style and class tiebreaker. IMO.

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