Who is this Pompeo?

A scientist on the radio said that viruses are never man made. If it came from bats in a lab is another question.

Viruses have RNA. RNA sequencing can be altered.

I just think that we are falling for history’s largest rope-a-dope in being asked to believe that this is all just a series of hundreds of incredible coincidences.

I do not believe in coincidence - that implies randomness and we do not live in a random world or a random universe.


p.s. ‘Time’ is the source and they hate (or are heavily biased against) the president and his administration.


When referring to information gathered by intelligence agencies, it is customary to use the article.

I thought it was an apt comparison. I believe you are implying that I am anti-Trump. I am opposed to many of his policies (not all), but I am also opposed to Joe Biden’s candidacy for POTUS for several reasons.

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Source, please.

You can’t prove a negative, therefore an impossible request. Also if being anti- (or at least not pro-) Himself is some evidence of madness then most Americans are mad.

Nope. You cannot prove he has no evidence because you know nothing about it, really. You’ve no idea what that man has in his desk. None of us do.

There is so much spin in politics in both parties it is hard to keep up with. I think what the leadership has been trying to say is that there might be evidence the CCP was studying the virus and due to their well known poor lab controls, someone in the lab caught the virus and let it out.

I think most scientists and virologists in the US have explained on several occasions that the virus has NOT been engineered in China. For one thing, they lack they lack the know how for such things.

As far as spin goes, Americans certainly have no corner on that market. The Swedish health minister for example is doing a bit of world class spin himself right now. The Russians the Chinese, most countries of the world know how to spin.

You cannot prove a negative, period.

Might be some evidence? Since no one has seen it, it might as well be some evidence that Bigfoot lives in a trailer park in British Columbia.

That’s a common respons, but is false, tomarin. For example, can you prove there are no marbles in a jar? Yes, you can. Of course you can. Proving negatives is often very simple, actually.

So, you claim “THERE’S NO EVIDENCE!”. Really? Well, prove it. At least provide sources for your presumptions. Share your DNC sources which you are basing your presumptions on, and then we can have a discussion.

You are a real comedian!

Actually, the proper response is to ask Pompeo to produce the evidence for his claim, and until he does, no attention needs to be paid to it.

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