who is this saint?

I have attached a pic of a saint that i do not know I was hopping that some one here would know who this is.

Can you make the picture any bigger?? :o

Ditto. Best I can tell it looks like the Blessed Mother to me…

A larger picture would be helpful. I have heard that the Blessed Virgin Mary is normally, or at least usually, depicted wearing blue. Is that true? If so since this lady appears to be wearing red, I do not think it is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I don’t really know rpp, that is an interesting question though. My answer was more based on the fact that I can’t see the picture that well. You could be right though…

I zoomed in on the image and it appears to be a woman holding a book in her left hand. That may be St. Catherine of Sienna or St. Dymphna, both of whom are typically portrayed that way. However, St. Dymphna is typically wearing white and green. St. Terese of Avila is also portrayed with a book, but the book is usually open.

I do not belive it to be mom. that is as big as i can get it using my scaner when i find my camera i will try to post the pic again. the pic shows a woman holding a torch in her right hand and a book in her left, white head covering, green dress, red cloack over the dreass

It looks like St. Dymphna to me, but it was too small to be sure.

Is St. Dymphna usually shown with a flower? I dunno about a torch…?

here are some more pics of the saint I hope that these will be helpful

Is it Mary Magdalene?

based on this description, I am going to guess St. Brigid of Ireland.

Okay, now that I see the context, I have a better idea. I am going to guess it is the Blessed Virgin Mary after the Annunciation while she was traveling to visit her cousin Elizabeth. This is a bracelet and all the other images seem to be Marian or Christ or associated with the Rosary.

Here is a picture of an icon that I found. It is St. Brigidt of Ireland, which leads me to believe this is who the saint is on the bracelet.


Cool! Looks like my earlier guess may not have been too far off. Thank you, LucyLou! :slight_smile:

The saint is called “Saint Martha”, the same Martha from the bible Gospels. I know this because she is a very popular saint among Latinos who call her “Santa Marta”. She is often depicted with a dragon.

Webpages on St. Martha catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=79



Here are pictures below of Saint Martha that are very familiar to Latino’s such as myself.

Folks, I think we have a winner!

Nice going! :thumbsup:

Thanks you very much. Bowing lol :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Here’s another image, a Santa Marta holy card.

Yep, ring the bell, we do have a winner.

Tell her what she’s won! An all expenses paid trip to…CAF.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. It was really bugging me…

Do I win a prize? I haven’t got a clue. Mary Magdalene sounds a good one or my guess St. Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin.

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