Who is this Saint?

I have discovered icons of a particular Saint are being used for occult purposes by people in Latin America. They call him “San Deshacedor” and they have been making statues of him as well. I can’t find any Saint with such a name and I wonder if this name is just made up.


That’s interesting. I used Google translate to translate the Greek words on the icon and they translate to “Saint Charalampus”. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charalampus

“Deshacedor” translates to “undoer”. If you read the story of what happened to those who tried to harm St. Charalampus, you’ll see the connection. I hope this helps.

Many Latino’s appear Catholic but, actually practice “Santeria”, which is actually a kind of VooDoo. I do not know if this applies here though.

We have here a Greek Orthodox church named after him,ive been there many times,they have some of his relics also.

Here is a page to see-


one of the Priests is Italian

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