who is this saint?

Any ideas?

St. Anne with the young Blessed Virgin Mary.

Yeah, that was my first thought.

Right! I was just going to answer it’s Holy Anna (in German) with Her daughter, the most Holy Mary (Maria in German). It’s actually seldom seen. Much more often we see the Holy Virgin and Child Jesus with St. Anne.
Here is a picture of the parents of Holy Mary Anna and Joachim. (Woodcarving)
ooops didn’t work - I donno how to insert pictures here :-/
I got thousands of pics on my comp, but how to enter the URL of these images I simply don’t know ??? OK - I still live in the 20th century.

Here’s another one

As the previous poster send me this friendly mail:

[size=]Open a new response, say what you have to say (they make you do three words)
then scroll down to “Manage attachments”
A new box will pop up, and you can click on Search or something and then select a photo from your computer, adn the click on UPLOAD. it will insert it.
Go to preview message to make sure it took.
It take a couple of seconds to load when you hit upload, but then the box seems to disappear. That’s why I always check preview.

Try it! I’ll upload one as well![/size]

I’ll try it now - wonder if it works:

Ha - it did :smiley:

What’s that funny-looking thing over her head? It doesn’t look like a halo.

Likely a later, pious addition to the statue…a halo-like thing with tassels.
Interestingly, someone hung a rosary on St. Anne’s wrist…a few centuries early! :smiley:

It looks like a UFO! After enlarging the image, I noticed that Mary has a similar “halo” over her head with droplets coming from it - I’m guessing those are supposed to be rays.

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