Who is your best friend?

Our best friends
  • spouse/fiance
  • boy/girlfriend
  • neighbor
  • relative
  • school chum
  • co-worker
  • member of clergy
  • online correspondent
  • other
  • I have no friends like that

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Jesus is my best friend.


I discovered in my life that having my spouse be my best friend gets me through the days when I don’t love him quite as much! :blush::blush::blush:


Lol my cat. I have a Russian blue and boy do they bond he is with me everywhere he follows me around all day.

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Depends on what you mean,
but, I refer to my friend Jamie as “my brother”.

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Dang, I knew I missed a selection. I meant to include dog/cat as an option but I was interrupted while doing this one. From now on I’m locking myself away before doing a poll.

I know many folks who would agree with you, by the way.

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My partner is my best friend.

Outside of DH, I don’t have a particular “best friend”, but I have a few close girl friends who we turn to each other for moral support because teenagers will drive you crazy if you can’t vent.

‘Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.’ - St Teresa of Avila

I put spouse because my husband was my best friend. Almost wanted to pick I have no friends like that because I don’t have that special close connection with anyone now. That type of life partner is not replaceable. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have good family and friend relationships to provide the love and support needed by us all to feel fulfilled. Through texting, emails and phone conversations my son, daughter and their spouses keep me abreast of what is going on in their own lives so I stay in touch. My older sister and brother likewise. Our younger brother prefers to stay estranged from us but I don’t let him! My former co-workers also feel like family and we frequently talk. And I’ve got one neighbor who I consider more than just an acquaintance. We check up on each other frequently. My only regret is that visits with family and friends don’t happen as often as they did before COVID.

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my crush… is.

My crush is A friend, but I think I saw your age somewhere, and yes, when I was about your age, that was the case, too.

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