Who is your confirmation Saint?


Who is your confirmation Saint?
Mine is Saint Paul.
Originally named Saul, this Roman citizen and a Jewish Pharisee was a persecuter of Christians, but his conversion to Christianity came on the road to Damascus. He literally and figuratively saw the Light. Thanks to Jesus, Paul turned his life completely around and became a great Christian.


Saint Anthony


St. John bosco


Patron Saint of the Poor? Lisbon


In the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, we are confirmed immediately after baptism, so the saint(s) you are named for are your heavenly patrons.


Skt. Albert der Große


Saint Joseph


St. Martin de Porres :grinning:


St. Joseph


Not sure we need to do this twice.

But mine is still Cecilia :grinning:


St. Dominic


Friend, please chill out. :pray:
I have never seen so many people who are so easily annoyed. If you don’t want to respond to my thread, then don’t.
I will pray to God to give you and my other brothers and sisters on the CAF message board more patience.
God bless you today. :pray::pray::pray:


St. Theresa


St. Joan of Arc.


St. Ado of Vienne


Saint Stephen .


St. Giles. He was a hermit. So am I :slight_smile:


St Jude…Saint of Hopeless Causes


We did not have to pick a Saint, per se, so I opted to use my great-grandmother’s name, MaryEllen.
If any woman was surely a saint, it was her.

As an adult, I found that my spirituality is very Ignatian, so St. Ignatius of Loyola is one of my patrons. The other is St. Mary Magdalen.


‘John Paul 2! He loves you’ yeah I didn’t think popes were allowed to encourage chanting and singing and then I was like yeah that’s my guy

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