Who is your favorite actor/actress?

and why?

just acting or looks or both? Politics?

My favorites are:

Charles Bronson

Michelle Pfiefer

David Bowie

Jane Seymour

John Wayne (like his politics - conservative. :slight_smile: He became Catholic right before death)

Yul Brynner (maybe he did also because i think he is buried in a Catholic cemetery??)

Steve McQueen

Peter Sellers

Bette Davis (If i could just watch one movie of her’s which one should it be? Don’t have time to watch all of them… :()

i know i am forgetting someone… but oh well… i am always forgetting things… :doh2:

A great Bette Davis movie is “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”

i know thatt’s not a true story (based on one)???

so i may not want to find time to watch it… (so many other more important htings to do)…

but could you briefly explain what its about? thanks… :slight_smile:

I couldn’t remember exactly the whole movie so I googled it. It was made in 1962 and it stars Bette Davis & Joan Crawford…it’s categorized as a horror thriller. So if you don’t like horror thrillers you won’t like this movie. I think that is the only Bette Davis movie I’ve ever seen. I did go through a period, when I was a teenager, I watched lots of old movies…my all time favorite actor is James Cagney and I also watched a lot of the Bowery Boys. John Garfield was a great actor too.

In no particular order:

*]Claude Rains
*]James Stewart
*]Clint Eastwood
*]Ronald Coleman
*]Cary Grant
*]Dennis Price
*]Jimmy Hanley
*]Frank Pettingell
*]Alastair Sim
*]Leo G. Carroll
*]Patrick McGoohan
*]Michael Caine
*]Timothy Spall
*]Ken Stott
*]Anthony Hopkins
*]Bette Davis
*]Joan Crawford
[/LIST]I know some people have been missed out.

I don’t mind what they believe or do or favour or reject, because I watch them so as to appreciate their abilities in making a script come alive: what Clint Eastwood does as “Dirty Harry” is part of those films - his positions on bio-ethical issues are not. The actor playing that part is not being watched as the actor, but as the character enacted: Clint Eastwood is a character, not in those films, but in life outside them. So ISTM that to distinguish the actor-director with the positions on bio-ethical issues from the character within the film narrative is a valid & sensible distinction.

Just my 1d (smilies for currencies outside the US financial system would be useful…)

All time favorite actor: Toshiro Mifune.

Rest in no particular order:
Christian Bale
Johnny Depp
Carey Grant
Emma Thomson
Keira Knightly
High Laurie
Alan Rickman
Gary Oldman
Russle Crowe
Maryle Streep
Hugh Grant
Evangeline Lily
Ziya Zang
Ken Watanabe
Audrey Hepburn
James Dean
Montgomery Cliff
Wynona Rider
Ellen Page
Viggo Mortensen
Simon Pegg
Heath Ledger
Daniel Day Lewis
Cate Blanchette
Angelina Jolie

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is the story of two rather elderly sisters living together. Baby Jane is a former child star (hence the name, “Baby” Jane) who dreams of a comeback. Her sister is in a wheelchair, unable to walk. In her quest for a comeback, Baby Jane is unbelievably cruel to her sister; e.g., she starves her, and then brings her a rat on a tray for her supper. At one point, a talent agent agrees to come to the house to meet Baby Jane and discuss a possible comeback, and Baby Jane horrifies him with her over-the-top makeup,childish costume, and a song that she sang when she was just a little girl. The question in the movie is, "Is Baby Jane treating her sister badly because she loves her but is too insane to care for an invalid, or is she really just a cruel selfish human being?

My favorite actor is the wonderful Robert Patrick, star of Terminator 2: Judgement Day,* X Files* (John Doggett), and Bridge to Terabithia.

Sigh, drool.

Hands down…Audrey Hepburn.

*Actors would be Dustin Hoffman, Richard Gere, Russell Crowe, Denzell Washington, Steve McQueen, in some movies, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Liam Neelson (sp?), Michael Douglas (love love love him), Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Martin Sheen

Many more, but my mind is too tired to think. :blush:

Actresses would be Julia Roberts, Sandra Pollock, Meryl Streep, Faye Dunaway, Meg Ryan, Glen Close, Lauren Becall, Brooke Shields (in her Endless Love days), Demi Moore (in her About Last Night days), Hilary Swank, Helen Hunt, Lucille Ball

Does Wilma Flintstone count? :smiley:

I’ll have to think of more. *

She was something special, indeed.

Johnny Depp, no question about that.


Richard Burton people, come on. His role as Thomas Backet alone is enough.

Who’s Thomas Backet? :blush:

Opps sorry Thomas Becket, you know Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of Canterbury under his majesty King Henry II—King of England ( and Duke of Normandy). Have you ever heard of tale of Thomas Becket, has no one ever told you? The legend. Watch the movie Becket with Richard Burton and Peter OTool (as his King) and be transported in time back to the mystic of the middle ages. A story of friendship, love and the honor of God. Now that is a movie people.

:rotfl: I was like…Thomas who? Okay, I know the character now! :slight_smile: I like Richard Burton, but not a fan, really.*

If you just go with appearance-Farrah Fawcett makes them all look silly. That was divine beauty there.

He can play any role thrown at him and do a brilliant job. The movie was very violent, but he was so awsome in Sweeny Todd. And come on, how could he NOT win an award for Jack Sparrow?? He also seems to be and over all nice guy.

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