Who is your favorite Christian Apologists?


Who are your favorite Catholic Apologists?

My favorites are:

  1. Scott Hahn.
  2. Jimmy Akins.
  3. John Martignoni
  4. Steve Ray
  5. David Currie
  6. Karl Keating
  7. Mark Shea
  8. Dave Armstrong
  9. John Salza
  10. Robert A. Sungenis
  11. Fr. Vincent Serpa

I read most of the books and audio from these Apologists, and they strength my faith.

Who are your favorite Apologists? Catholic or Protestant.


I like Ravi Zacharias.


CS Lewis and Thomas Aquinas

Agree that Ravi rocks!

Amongst modern Roman Catholics, only Peter Kreeft.

A really interesting question for posters here: why is modern Roman Catholic apologetics focused on defending the ideosyncratic Roman beliefs (Marian devotion, etc.), whereas Evangelical and Protestant apologetics (e.g. Josh McDowell, CS Lewis) is focused on defending Christianity in general?


To be honest because we are under attack by people that do not understand Church teachings and or warp them to suit an agenda so that is where the apologetic focus is needed. It is quite said when Catholics who do not understand Church teaching are led astray by wolves that only isolate them and confuse them with false doctrines and bible only false ideas. They then become anti-catholic and rinse and repeat.

And to be frank the defense of general christian ideas was done by Catholics for well over 2000 years so perhaps most of it is already pretty clear by now. You believe in the Trinity don’t you? Well its not in the Bible and the Catholics defined and defended that doctrine.


My favorite is the one who’s answers have worked in the latest conversation that I’ve had.



I would like to second Peter Kreeft. His work is largely responsible for my return to the Church from a spell in the wilderness. He’s one of the most commonsense apologists for the Catholic faith out there today. He’s a Calvinist convert as well.


Your list is great. I would also add Marcus Grodi.


Marcus Grodi is great. I listened to his talks from CAL. I know there were other well know Catholic Apologists.

The first Christians Apologists are Catholics, they defended the doctrine of the Trinity, the Eucharist, etc.


I’d have to say for now, Christopher West. His explanations on JPII’s Theology of the Body are thorough and easy to understand.:thumbsup:

Currently, I’m readying Jeff Cavin’s “I’m Not Being Fed” - great book!


I heard Ravi speak once.

As for why Catholic apologetics focus on distinctively Catholic beliefs, I think it’s because many non-Catholic Christians believe that Catholics are not Christians, and misconstrue Catholic beliefs.


Great list of names - these are really good choices. And I have to agree with those who say that Catholic apologists focus on Catholic beliefs because the Church is attacked. I’ve heard a great deal of mis-information about our beliefs from others who consider themselves to be Christian (and even from some other Catholics), and I’m glad these apologists are there to help all of us.


Wasn’t he that guy who played sitar with George Harrison back in the '60’s? :cool:



No, that was Ravi Shankar. Here’s Ravi Zacharias’ website: rzim.org/


We have some of the books of Scott Hahn in the house because my dad likes to collect them. I’ve listened to his tape and read some of his books. I think he is a very effective apologist as I learned a lot from him through his books.

I also like Marcus Grodi. I’ve watch his Journey Home program in EWTN several times here in the Philippines.

To think that I, a Catholic from birth, got to learn more about my faith from converts to the Catholic Church! They’ve helped me understand my faith better. I’m happy they found their way home to our Church. :slight_smile:


I was just kidding, of course. A little (attempted)levity for the over 50 crowd. :stuck_out_tongue:



Why isn’t G.K. Chesterton on your list? Tsk, tsk.


I must put these names before your list;:

St. Jerome
St. Ignatious of Antioch
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
St. John Chysostom
St. Vincent of Lerins

then I would add your list after these…:rolleyes:

  1. CS Lewis (Natch! :smiley: )

  2. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

  3. Peter Kreeft

  4. JRR Tolkien (“On Fairy Stories”)


Justin Martyr
F.F. Bruce (Pauline scholar, Brethren, Scottish)
Bruce Metzger (Princeton Professor, editor of RSV/NRSV and UBS Greek New Testament)
C.S. Lewis
John W. Montgomery (British barrister, debated several atheists)
A.N. Sherwin-White (Oxford, Roman historian)

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