Who is Your Favorite EWTN Priest?

Who is Your Favorite EWTN Priest wo regularly celebrates the Mass on TV?

Apparently Frs. Shaughnessy and Francis have moved on…

I like Fr. Mitch because he’s so darned smart, yet down to earth and easy to understand…

**[LEFT][/LEFT]**Father Mark is my favorite priest on EWTN. Although he doesnt get the air time that some other priests get, he seems very humble and kind. I don’t have cable where I live now, so I do not know if he is the new host of LOTR, but I think he would be a good example for young folks with his demeanor being the way that it is. I don’t know what is happening with Fr Francis, I did like a lot of his homilies though and he and the network and all involved are in my prayers. I definitely believe though that EWTN should make use of their own priests with their EWTN programming, I really don’t know what their purpose is as an order there if they aren’t doing any programming. Peace to all and have a blessed Advent season, what a joyous time for us all! nan

With a total of 4 votes, I’m not surprised at the results. I like all the voters’ choices. What has happened to Fr. Angelus? Do you suppose he’s ‘aged-out’?

Fr. Francis is gone, perhaps for good.

Fr. Mark was once described as the friar’s theologian. His homilies are well-prepared, although his delivery seems a bit lethargic to me.

Fr. Angelus’ homilies had a zip to them, as if he thought (and rightly so) that each one was very important.

I was reading the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia entry on the Capuchins (name refers to the long pointed hood on their outfit) and the Franciscans were supposed to preach the gospel, without rhetorical embellishment. The daily Masses on EWTN seem to get wrapped up in the daily feast day, rather than essentially in the scriptures.

I’m sure they’re glad they have even an international audience, but I don’t like them burning up their short homily time talking about it.

Reading the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia entries about the Bible and the Mass makes me appreciate the Mass even more.

Ruth 2:4 “The LORD be with you!”

I would say that to me, with the exception of Fr. Mitch, I’m not especially enamored of the daily homilies on EWTN.

They might be considered good lectures – lotta good information being presented, but they are too long and too dry to be really effective homilies. Unless you have the gift of a Fr. John Corapi or Fr. Larry Richards, I think it’s best to keep one’s homily fairly tight and brief.

The only homilist I really don’t like is Fr. Dominic. He tends to be a bit petulant and the Mass is the last place I need to see that sorta behavior…

I love Fr. Benedict Groeschel best of all. :slight_smile:
Second for me would be Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
Do Fr. Levis and Fr. Trujillio qualify? (Web of Faith) These two are extremely educational.

I voted for Father Groeschel, but I should mention that Father Mark Mary gives great confession, if you are ever in Birmingham or Hanceville.

I picked Benedict Groeschel. I got to meet him once years ago and was impressed by his spirituality and depth of understanding.

Although no longer at Irondale or with EWTN, since he was on the list I chose Fr. Angelus. He is an outstanding confessor and I always liked his homilies and Mass. Somewhere there is a dictionary and next to the word “priest” is his picture.

He is missed - but that’s life…

Though they were not on the list, the single best Mass celebrant I have ever seen on EWTN is Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM, the best homilist/speaker, Fr. Bill Casey, CPM.

Fr. Wade’s Masses seem almost as if they would have to be choreographed by the Holy Spirit, they are that beautiful. If there is a stronger, more forceful speaking priest than Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, it would be Fr. Bill Casey, CPM.

Deacon Bill gives my favorite homilies. Fr. Corapi is my favorite priest on there though.

I wonder who they choose who will celebrate which Mass at EWTN? Cast lots?

Fr. Robert Barron from the Archdiocese of Chicago has been on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST.

Does that qualify him as an “EWTN Priest”?

Fr. Barron is THE MAN. what a great gift.

Now how ya gonna make me choose between Fr. Corapi and Fr. Groeschel? That ain’t right! I can’t decide–I love them both!:love:

I voted for Fr. Mitch. He is so good to listen to plus I think he can make his homilies relevant to today and to all ages (i.e. today’s homily). He’s also DH’s favorite.

Fr. Mark, definately! I had the pleasure of serving jury duty with him a while back before his ordination and enjoyed his thoughts enormously. He is truly an intelligent but humble man. But confession with him is grueling! :eek:

Fr. Anthony Mary! Three Cheers for Fr. Anthony Mary! :thumbsup:

Fr. Anthony Mary is my favorite!!! His homilies are more down to earth and you can relate to them. I love when he gets off on a tangent and starts telling stories. He’s funny, I love to see him smile and laugh.
Of course Fr. Mitch is very interesting from the history standpoint. Fr. Groeshel reminds me of Yoda…All knowing, all seeing, gentle, kind, like a wonderful grandpa, full of wisdom.

Fr. Mitch. A remarkable combination of brains, approachability and the ability to communicate without overdoing it.

Fr. Corapi is my favorite on ETWN. Good strong messages…:thumbsup:

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