Who is Your Favorite EWTN Priest?

Fr. Groeschel and Fr. Pacwa are great as are soooo many others but I have to pick Fr. John Corapi, cause he is straight forward, tells it right out and while he doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings telling the TRUTH, he speaks it loud and clear.

Fr. Corapi, hands down! He doesn’t mess around, he gets right to the point. He says yes and means it and says and means it. You know where you stand with the Catholic faith. There is not cafeteria Catholics! God bless Fr. Corapi!


I don’t have cable either so I watch EWTN live online. If you go to EWTN.com and click on the Television link, it will take you to the option to watch Live TV via either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

We receive the newsletter from the Friars, and if I’m not mistaken, Fr. Angelus still had his column in the last issue. The latest issue of the newsletter should be coming soon so we will see if he still has his column.

We all need to pray for Fr. Francis and all the Friars. The closer one is to God, the harder the devil works on them.

Father Corapi is just amazing…

I like Father Pablo Straub.

There is no way I could pick a favorite. I like watching them all. Each is unique in their presentations and I admire each one of them.

I don’t get to watch EWTN much, but I just looove Father Leo Clifford! He is like everyone’s Grandfather and teaches in a kind, truthful and loving way. I have a few of his videos and they are very comforting.

I really can’t pick a favorite. They all speak to my heart and feed my soul in different ways…

For me personally (and my wife) Father Corapi, is the only priest on EWTN whom I agree with 100% on all his programs … not to say that the other priest don’t teach the truth too. Corapi hits the nail on the head, and everyone can understand what he is talking about. I wished he would teach/preach on Fox, i.e. right after O’Reilly… LOL… Who knows , but that day may come if the Lord wants it! :thumbsup:

I don’t watch EWTN as much anymore but I always remember Fr. John Corapi gave great talks, very militant and inspiring. So my vote is for him.:thumbsup:

I recall Fr, Shannon Collins, who left a couple of years ago. He used to celebrate the Benediction and he had his own show “Does the Church Still Teach That” when he left - rather suddenly, I thought. He was highly traditional, I remember. I didn’t always agree with what he said, but I thought he was a good homilist and presenter. Does anyone know what he’s doing now?

This was really hard as I like them all! I have learned so much from them. I voted for Fr. Anthony and he is my husband’s favorite also. Fr. Corapi is the greatest teacher. I have not heard as much from Fr. Dominic, but everything I’ve heard was good and I like him alot also. Fr. Groeschel knows something about everything and never miss his show. He seems to be the most merciful person which means he is walking in the footsteps of his Lord. I just love him. I am a former protestant and Praise God for ewtn or I would most likely know very little about the catholic church. When I first started watching everrything I had heard about the church was not true. After watching I got lots of books and learned even more. I am in rcia and love everthing about the church.:extrahappy:

Father Pablo Straub is another EWTN favorite at our house. When he speaks, it’s like listening to your loving grandfather… telling the most wonderful TRUE stories of Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints.:slight_smile:

Before I read the question about fave homilist, I answered Fr. Benedict Groeschel. I love everything he does.

For homilist, many are good, but I vote Fr. Mitch Pacwa.

Fr. Shannon Collins didn’t leave, he’s a CPM father so he probably went back to his order or got reassigned elsewhere. I love all the CPM fathers, they’re wonderful.

:slight_smile: They are all my favorite They all have very special and different gifts. They have played a great role in helping me grow spiritually!

Without a doubt, Father John Trigilio of “Web of Faith,” “Documents of Vatican II,” and “Crash Course on Catholicism!” (See photo of Father Trigilio presenting a copy of his book on Pope John Paul II to our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.)

After Father Trigilio, I’ll have to go with Father Corapi, Father Anthony Mary, and Father Miguel Mary.

I like Father John Corapi-he is a powerful speaker and has the compelling ability to teach the truths of the faith with a certain toughness, and yet his humility shines through as well. His conversion story is awesome-I think it should be played in every middle and high school religious education class, as it is a powerful deterrent to using drugs,in my opinion.
I also like Fathers Mark Mary and Anthony Mary-I think they should be co-hosts regularly now on “Life on the Rock”. I think they both have a good sense of humor, and could play off each other well. I think Father Mark by himself is just a little too dry to really capture the attention of kids and draw them into the show. But I have not seen every Life on the Rock viewing since Fr. Francis left, so I may have missed something.

I like Fr. Benedict Groeschel, I like the things he says on his show, very interesting. :thumbsup: My next choice is Fr. Carapi, he speaks/teaches pretty good on his show too. :thumbsup:

I agree 100%, it’s very hard to choose between the two. I had to pick Father Groeschel though because he is soooooooo cute especially when he wears his beret. Also he is such a New Yawker!!!

Father Benedict J. Groschel, followed by Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy, Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Fr.John Corapi. (What happened to Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy?
I haven’t seen him for a while…)

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