Who is your favorite LOTR character

Personally mine is Sam

Tom Bombadil.:wink:

I really like him too. DO you feel that he should have been in the movie?

I second that. He gave (and exemplified) one of the most important messages in the story when he told Frodo, “I can’t carry it, Mr. Frodo, but I can carry you.”

May we all be blessed to have many Sams in our lives, and be graced to be able to be Sams ourselves.



Great thread! TLOTR is my favorite book!

I like Treebeard or Tom Bombadil

I am naming my upcoming daughter Lorien after Lothlorien.

oops I read LOTH, wrong forum I was going to vote for Simeon because I love compline

Gandalf. Kind, calm, totally dependable. The only guy you never have to worry about. :slight_smile:

You need to distinguish between the book and the movies. Jackson destroyed the characters in the movies.

Yeah, I really agree with that one. Frodo was too soft, Gandalf was just completely wrong, and yeah everything else. Plus there was just so many things he left out.

You have to admit that the design for things were done well though, like Isengard.

Gimli…but only because I’m short, wide, bearded, own an axe and enjoy a drink :smiley:

Aragorn, although I’m warmer towards Sam than towards him.

Aragorn: “YOU bow to no one.”


In the movie -Legolas (purely superficial reasons :o), in the book Gandalf, and I really like Faramir’s character much better in the book.

Legolas and Sam.
Sam is a true hero.

Gimli from the book. He was made too much into a comic-relief in the film.

Bilbo Baggins, but only because Lenoard Nimoy did that cheesy music video back in the 70’s.

God Bless!

Theodon in the books and the movies. Boromir in the movie (Sean Bean fan).

Aragorn has always been my favorite character, probably because he kind of exemplifies someone who has a calling, and tries to deny it, even if the way in which he denies his calling is noble in and of itself.

Not only is Aragorn struggling with this, but he also remains steadfast in his devotion to Arwen, even when it seems like its extremely unlikely he will ever see her again, and even when he has Eowyn right in front of him.

King Theoden of course! (excuse my spelling if thats wrong)

He seems like a nice, caring, leader and a good guy to live under.

No, not really. I think that it would’ve changed the tone of the films and seemd out of place for the mood that Peter Jackson was trying to set.

I know that films are not replacements for the books of which they are adaptations, and I get irked when people often say, “Well, the book was so much better.”:rolleyes: Nine time out of ten they really mean, “I’ve read the book so I’m smarter and better than you. If you haven’t read this book then you are just fumbling blindly in the dark.”

Tom Bombadil would’ve been out of place in the films, but he makes for a nice diversion in the books. Consequently, I played a little bit of Lord of the Rings Online when it was first released and Tom Bombadil is included as an NPC in the game. He doesn’t seem out of place there because there is so much depth to the world and there is a place for him. The films had five themes: Gimli and Legolas becoming friends (Oscar and Felix), Strider really being King, Destroying the Ring, Sam and Pippin’s Friendship, Gollum’s Strange Trip. There really wasn’t a place for an incidental visit with a strange, fat little man who lives in the woods.

It seems like they tried to make the first Narnia film very much like the books which mad it feel rushed and crammed in some places. Lord of the Rings would’ve suffered the same fate from Tom’s addition and other elements best left to the books.:thumbsup:

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