Who is your favourite character from the bible?


The Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary are exempt from this.

I like the centurion that says “I am not worthy to receive you…”


Ruth! She is one of most humble souls.


Saint John the Baptist. He is faithful and uncompromising and I know even atheists who still find no flaw in him.


Either St. Mary Magdalene or St. John, the Beloved Disciple.


Moses. because I can relate to his fear of public speaking.


John the Baptist is good for preparing a path, getting those obsticals out of the way. He has helped me.


Judah Maccabee



Mary, the sister of Lazarus.


St. Paul for he turned his life over to Jesus and by doing that he showed the Love and Mercy of Jesus to the Gentiles… He prepared a path for others to also turn their lives to Jesus. As with the other apostles, he also died for that Great Love…God bless.




St. Joseph for sure.


St. Martha


Moses because of his quiet nature and anxiety about speaking publicly.


Noah. I mean, building that big boat in a year? At his age? No power tools?

As Gomer Pyle would say, “gawwwlleeee.”


Yesssss this is what I was going to say


John the Baptist .


Deborah from the Old Testament


Shazam! (ten characters)

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