Who is Your Patron Saint? :)


Ephrem Mary was my confirmation name.


St. Francis of Assisi. My first name is not a saint’s name but my middle name is Frances. Also, my Third Order Name is Bernadette, she was a Chord Bearer Of St. Francis.


Mine is Saint Peter.


St. Sebastian


I too have Saint Michael the Archangel. Middle name was chosen after him.


St. Joseph, pray for us.


Sts Elizabeth, Anne, Padre Pio,Francis of Assisi, Thomas, Philomena, Teresa of Avila, Philip Neri and of course, Joseph and Mary.

And when he finally becomes one, Fulton Sheen.


Is St. Sebastian also the Patron Saint of police officers? Wasn’t he in the Praetorian guard? Would appreciate any information on him…Thank you. God Bless::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


The priest must have taken a deep breath before saying your Confirmation name. Some lung power might be needed there :scream:


I’ve heard he’s the patron of soldiers and athletes and against the plague. Police officers make sense too–this site also includes police officers (among other things):

I’ve usually associated St. Michael with police officers. The same site lists Sebastian, Michael, and Ambrose for this patronage:


St. Maria Goretti. is my patron saint…she was born in 1890 small farm in Italy, she fought off the unwanted advances of neighbor who later stabbed her. Maria died of the wounds a short time later, before she did she forgave him and prayed for his repentance. Her prayers were effective, he had a complete change of heart, after being unrepentant for years. He was released from prison for good behavior, became a lay brother working for the church. He also testified at the inquiry process that led to Maria Goretti’s canonization in 1950. Also St.John Paul II :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Is that all? :man_teacher:


Sts Paul, Stephen and Our Lady of Sorrows.


St. Therese de Lisieux


St francis of assisi is my confirmation name. Although after reading her autobiography I must admit I pray to st therese of liseaux for a lot of important things in my life. Funny enough I was gonna go for st bernadette of lourdes for my confirmation name initially but someone said in my family that guys can’t choice a girl saint name, but I choose st francis of assisi for my love of creation, nature and animals.


St. Christina the Astonishing. At her funeral, she rose up from her coffin to the ceiling because she couldn’t bear the smell of sinners below. She spent the rest of her life in penance for the conversion of sinners. She did not have a home and lived in the woods until her actual death. Often she would get bitten by dogs, plunge into icey water for hours, and walk into thorny thickets only later to be seen miraculously healed.


Hmm . . . always thought our primary Patron Saint is the saint who we’re named after when baptized?
Of course, we can and do choose other saints to honor as we go through life.

Anyway, my Confirmation name is the Blessed Mother’s.
(Back in the dark ages, we were confirmed when we were 8 years old :sauropod:)


My confirmation name is St Faustina. Love the message she wrote. I also have a very big devotion to Mother Mary and also a devotion to St Michael the Archangel.


Why have a patron saint?

In comparison to a saint that isn’t your patron?


I wrote a little bit about mine on his feast day.

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