Who likes Peter Walsh (the anti-clutter guru)?

I absolutely LOVE Peter Walsh’s books! Recently my daughter (who will be moving across country this summer) read It’s All Too Much, and she calls it her “second Bible.”

I like his spiritual reasons behind decluttering–that our “stuff” shouldn’t own us. He is very anti-materialistic, and I like that a lot. Although he is not writing specifically from a Christian perspective, I think so much of his advice is “Christian.”

We have really worked hard for the last year on decluttering our house. Both sets of our parents are hoarders (although not as bad as some that Mr. Walsh has worked with–at least there are no dead animals in my parents-in-law’s basement–at least, I don’t think so). My husband and I are determined not to be hoarders and we don’t want to be so attached to our stuff that if we have to move to a sheltered care facility someday that we cry and sigh over our “stuff.” We want to be “detached,” as Catholic teaching expresses it.

And we want to honor the stuff that we do have and use it often, or have it in a place where we can see it and remember. No boxes of mystery in the basement or attic.

We still have a lot of work (basement this summer? Aiee!). But we’re getting there, and it’s fun to feel so “light.”

I just bought his book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?. It will be an interesting read, since I’m fat.

if this is the same guy on the TLC show Clean Sweep, yes I do like him, and his approach, the way in a few brief moments on the show he brings individuals face to face with their clutter and cherished junk, and gets them to reflect on WHY they are holding onto it, what it means to them, and what inner attitudes or misconceptions they must let go of before they can let go of the junk.

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