Who loves Skillet?

Skillet is the most Christian themed band I can find.
My favorites are

Thirst is taking over

Heal me

Whispers in the dark


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My 15 year old sister. Seriously.

I’m a fan. Saw them at two Christian music festivals at the beginning of this decade.

Here’s their newest video…

My 14 year old son likes Skillet :purple_heart:

I certainly used to, particularly when I was still an anti-Catholic Protestant.

Their albums Comatose and Awake were gold, Rise was pretty good–I even saw them perform it in concert at the Winter Jam in Dallas in 2013–and Unleashed was alright.

I grew up, my whole Protestant life, with Skillet. But after Unleashed came out, I was kinda put off by them. I had begun to be more serious about my faith. So it was a little off-putting when this band I loved and which was ostensibly Christian came out with a quote taking “Christian” out of their genre label. Though it should be noted, he qualified the statement saying they were not meaning to hide their faith, only to not alienate fans.

I haven’t heard the new album. But whenever I get nostalgic, it’s Comatose and Awake for me :grinning:

The new album doesn’t come out till next Friday.


I love it.

Love them!

Went to go see them at Rock the Universe at Universal Studios back in 2016 and then my girlfriend and I went again the past Rock the Universe, but I had worked a 24 hour shift the day before into that morning, was at Universal all day and then they weren’t scheduled to come on till 10:45pm. At that point I was pushing 40 something hours awake.

I ended up saying time to go about 10pm after we were in Harry Potter Escape From Gringotts and in the one part where it’s enclosed and supposed to simulate an elevator. Kids screaming, jumping up and down, etc… Yeah, I was done and had lost my patience.

So, I missed them the second time.

You might want to check out the bands on http://catholicmetal.com/

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I listened to them a bit around the Comatose and Awake periods but drifted away from their music shortly after.

They’re a pretty good band, in my opinion. Their lyrics have an uplifting message, which I like. I have a few of their songs on my phone.

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