Who made God? How would you answer a child? an adult?

depends on the adult, many adults aren’t familiar with philosophy. One of the major reasons typical college grads today are clueless re politics, science and religion…no Jesus would have just performed a miracle/sign :slight_smile:
Child>> we will find out when we meet Jesus

I know he doesn’t need anything. My question was, how does he feed others. Who are the others?

These others are His living creatures. He feeds bodies, and souls with grace. Grace is ultimately the source from which we satisfy our needs, even food is a gift of God, in this way.

Drac was mentioning food, drink, water, …

Even that comes from God. How? THe creator of the universe from nothing being infinite, sunstains his creation “on” His very eternal Being. Food and all that depend on God. What we “earn” through nature, farming and work only comes to us because of God’s grace.

Best answer.

Everything else that exists. He causes rain to descend, thereby feeding flowers. He causes crops to grow. He gives spiritual sustenance. God is the only thing that is independant-- everything else that exists depends on Him. The sun needs hydrogen, for example.

It may be the truth, but it is precisely what they don’t get. So it isn’t the best answer in my opinion, it gives no new information.

God is existence.

But they don’t need new information–they merely need to accept that God exists because he exists. It’s not that it’s a hard concept to accept, rather for many it’s that they simply don’t want to answer to God for their lives. That is what causes their stubborn refusal to accept a simple truth, and why they want to complicate things–so they can make excuses for the decisions they make and the lives they live apart from God and his laws.

I understand, and I agree. What I was saying is you don’t actually answer them, you ask them to accept a fact that surpasses them.

“God exists because he exists” comes off as faulty reasoning.

If I told you that my god is Bigfoot and he exists because he exists, so accept him and follow along, would that be sufficient for you in any way?

Not in God’s case. It’s simply true.

If I told you that my god is Bigfoot and he exists because he exists, so accept him and follow along, would that be sufficient for you in any way?

If you had sufficent evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, of course. But no earthly comparison will do when discussing an eternal Being who doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

We believe in him in part because of the evidence of history and of faith, but also because we know and love him. Since anyone can know and love him, unlike Bigfoot, it’s reasonable to assert that he exists.

God’s answer to Moses when Moses asked for God’s name was simply: “I am that I am.” No further explanation was given because really no other explanation would say it better.

God exists without reference to us. We are products of his imagination, not the other way around. So, he doesn’t have to prove himself to us–we need to prove ourselves to him.

So in your belief that is how God feeds others. Does he feed them equally? If yes, why, and if not, why not?

What is spiritual sustenance? How does God do it?

But my god the bigfoot, is an eternal being who doesnt need to prove anything to anyone either.

We believe in him in part because of the evidence of history and of faith, but also because we know and love him.

But we know and love bigfoot too in part because of the evidence of history and of faith, but also because we know and love him too.

Is that really the bar for your standard of belief? Im willing to bet it isn’t when it comes to other beliefs, and such is th case with how non-Catholics view Catholicism or Christianity; they need more to persuade them.

Spiritual Sustanence is the deepest and most important way of God taking care of us. He makes our life possible through His. He feeds us both materially and spiritually, after the needs one has, and more, because His very being is Love.

To tell the truth, I find it an odd question from a catholic. Not to say it is not legitimate or stupid, but I would like to ask you: Knowing God as you do, what does God do, if He doesn’t feed His creatures, out of Love with HIs Grace? The qustion of how is a bit puzzling, because it is “by the very fact of His existence”.

I don’t know why you’re getting so hung up on the word “feeds”. I used the word “feed” as an expression. The word can mean all kinds of things depending on how it’s used.

Anyway, no, He doesn’t give equally. He gives as He sees fit. We don’t deserve anything from Him, so no one is ever in a place to say that they ought to have this or that. The prophets were shown far more guidance than anyone alive today, so that’s one example. Anyone seeking guidance will find it, but the world hardly ever seeks it. We seek sin. I’m convinced that there are many persons in Hell right now who, if offered the opportunity to get out by worshiping Allah [through repentence], they’d scoff and jump back into Hell.

Allah azza wa jal doesn’t have to save anyone, but He does anyway. If even a single person was saved on Judgment Day, it would be an amazing thing because no one is ever deserving of being saved. Some people have lots of money, but that doesn’t mean a middle class person is inferior. Gifts are given freely and taken freely. He expands things and also restricts things.

The created order is constantly showing manifestations of Allah’s 99 names. Sometimes you see His wrath being poured out, sometimes it’s completely different. Spiritual sustenance is a tremendous gift; it’s the means by which the Creator draws person to Himself, to make them into selfless devotees who remember Him at all times. He does it through the fitra, or instinct, that every person has, through Scriptures, through answering prayers and so on.

Gee, we can be quite touchy with a simple question, eh? :shrug:

I was just asking, seeing that you are a Muslim. I wanted to know how a Muslim explains his God. I know what I would say if I am asked to explain mine.

You used the word ‘feed’. Probably that is a kind of metaphor, but Muslims are quite strict in their definition of God. So I wanted to know why you use the word. No biggie. You don’t have to respond to all those questions if you are uneasy with them. I am not even challenging you. I just wanted to know how you, a Muslim, explain it. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. I note that answer. I would have a lot to comment on that but I guess it would not be polite to do so, since I was the one who did the asking.

So, according to you, God does not give equally. He does not ‘feed’ equally and only does ‘as he sees fit’.

I can understand that. You were mentioning that even the ‘sun needs hydrogen’. Yes, according to scientists, one day it will die off once it consumes itself.

I guess you are talking about the spiritual part here and God also ‘does not give equally’.

Okay, noted. He expands things and also restricts things. I wish I know how that happens. :confused:

So spiritual sustenance is to draw a person to the Creator at all times. And a person knows it through his instinct, scriptures and answered prayers.


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