WHO mentioned a Sacristan who put enough hosts to give to a 747 full?

Well I did the very thing this Sunday. I filled in when the Sacristan didn’t show up. She got there right before Mass, they had a serious family crisis that’s why she forgot. Well I put the hosts in the Ciborium to be brought up at the Offetory. Father told her to add more because the crowd was larger than normal but I didn’t know that. So after the readings I went to the back and added more. There was so many hosts after he distributed Holy Communion they didn’t fit into the regular Ciborium. He had to get a larger one. I told Father and the Sacristan what you had said here about the lady putting enough hosts for each Mass to give to a 747 FULL of people. They laughed.


And here I was thinking you sacristans walked on water and stuff – all the ones I’ve known are just the holiest and most humble people. :innocent:


All the things we don’t have to concern ourselves with at Mass - we can take for granted too often. Thank you and all Sacristans.


As a head sacristan, I’ve seen things like this from time to time. Part of serving Mass in this way is knowing how to deal with the unexpected…and to let it go when things happen that are simply beyond our control.

The EMHCs are always thrilled when the tabernacle overflows, since they know they can come to the church looking for hosts to take to the sick without worry that there won’t be enough :sunglasses::+1: (or any—we’ve had that happen :open_mouth:)

This is a perfect illustration of why, in general, I prefer to serve solo. If I’m the only one serving, whatever happens, good or bad, is on me and me alone. I never turn away someone who wants to help me, but it just doubles my duties because I have to check and recheck everything that’s been done.

Although it’s definitely not for everyone (IMO), I love being a sacristan and encourage those who are curious about sacristy service to give it a go!


We are human and we make MANY mistakes.

When we do our “job” well no one notices or comments but let us make one slip up and we never hear the end of it. But we do it for God, NOT for attention, definitely NOT for reward, NOT for Praise but for God alone. They are OUR Churches and we want them to have everything done well and properly.

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ABSOLUTELY. I have learned SO MUCH about the Mass, what means what and why, when to use what and why, and just so many AWESOME things. It’s truly a BLESSING to be a Sacristan and also a great responsibility. Our “official” Sacristans are 82 and 84----I keep my eyes and ears open so I can learn for when they aren’t with us anymore. I tell the one who trained me to write all of the "Little things " that nobody thinks about down because when she’s gone I won’t now any of it. I know the big stuff but not all of the MANY MANY MANY little details of things.

We need good young ladies and men to step up in every Church to be Sacristans and also men to adult altar servers. The Church needs volunteers because a lot of what is done is through volunteers/Parishioners.

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This, a thousand times this.

Unfortunately, my predecessor was removed from the position by force (advanced Alzheimers) and objected to my presence from Day One prior to that happening. As a result, she taught me nothing; I was therefore trained by my pastor, who had hand-picked me to take over. Having given notice earlier this year (at The Husband’s request), my priority in the three months I have left is to write down everything I do so those who succeed me—I will be replaced by more than one person—will know what to do, how to do it, when, and how often. This would be important even if I weren’t stepping down because I hold a huge body of knowledge that hasn’t been shared with anyone, including the assistant sacristans. If anything were to happen to me that made it impossible for me to serve, they’d figure it out but it would be much less exasperating for everyone if they didn’t suddenly have to fly by the seat of their pants. :woman_facepalming:t2:


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