Who met their spouse via the internet?


Hi everyone!

I've been enjoying all of the stories on here as to the ages you all were when you married, etc.

I'd love to know who on here has met their spouse via the internet and if it was a long distance relationship.

What's your story? :)


I’m not sure if mine story counts, but my fiance and I (he just proposed yesterday!) reconnected through facebook. We attended the same high school but lost touch when I transferred to a private school. Two years later, he found me on facebook, and we became good friends again and eventually started dating. After dating for almost three years, we are both now at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and are hoping to grow in our faith as we prepare for marriage!


I met my husband online in a Yahoo chat room way back in 1998. The long distance relationship was tough since he was in California and I in Arizona. We were married in a full Catholic Mass in June 2002. And yes, we are still together and we were both Catholic when we met! :blush:


I did! We met on CatholicMatch.com back in March 2005 and dated long distance (he was in Ontario and I was in Pennsylvania) until we were married in June 2006.


My wife and I lived in the same town, St. Louis, but never met each other. She had a family friend that is a priest that grew up in the same small town as me. He was the priest at the parish that I attended, but he never thought to “set us up” so we had to do it on our own. Actually Ave Maria Single Catholics Online did that for us. It was a great website that allowed us to meet, become friends first, date and then get married. Working on baby #5 so I think that things worked out well for us.


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I'd love to know who on here has met their spouse via the internet and if it was a long distance relationship.


My wife and I met online, but not on a dating site. After exchanging emails and chatting online for almost a year, I crossed 12 time zones to meet her. Although we had great chemistry and a real connection online, it wasn't until our eyes met that I really knew that she was "the one." I made a return visit six months later, and six months (and tons of paperwork and $$$$) after that, she immigrated to the U.S. and we were married. Now, five years later, I've never been happier.

So, I guess we're proof that it can work. But we both admit that we were very, very lucky. I've heard some real horror stories.


My story begins with my two son’s. I was divorced in 1992 when the boys were 10 and 12 years old and I had joint custody with their mom who fortunately lived close by. I promised myself right then and there that I would not be involved with anything that would take time away from them. That included being involved with anyone that would take up their time. I guess we had the normal, if you could call anything normal with two growing boy’s, father-son relationship. Camping, fishing, hunting, school activities, ball games, and all sports. I never missed any of the things my boy’s were involved in, not one, and I enjoyed each and every second of it. So many fantastic memories. Well time goes by, and boy did it go by quickly, they grew up, graduated, and started a life of their own. I guess that before I go any further I should tell you that I have a very deep devoted loving relationship with the Blessed Mother. I went through some very, very tough and agonizing times over several years and had no one to turn to except for my biological mom and her. Without her and the rosary I would not have made it through. So she truly became my mother during these times. With the boy’s grown I started to think about time for me, my life, and my future. I prayed to God and the rosary that He send me someone and not just anyone. If He could not send me the best then living single the rest of my life would be fine with me. I lived in the country and was a fifth generation cattleman in an area in Texas in the bible belt where catholics were a rare and endangered species. So Protestant ladies were the only choice I had. Not that they were not nice. The few that I had a date with was just that, a date, one date.They were good ladies but God showed me pretty quick that a mixed marriage just would not work with me. My devotion to my religion was too strong. Also moving out of the area was not an option. My roots where I grew up were strong and deep and all of my friends and family were there. So as I was going through the Internet one night I came across Saint Rafael’s sight for single catholics. Now I was very apprehensive of anything on the Internet that had to do with meeting someone. I guess I grew up in an area where someone on the Internet would be a scandal if not laughable. In their eye’s I might as well get a mail order bride. But I kept coming back to the St. Raphael web sight. Every lady on there lived at least a hundred miles from me and as I said I had no intention of moving. One May night I received a message from a lady that only said “I like horses too.” I had put in my profile that being a cowboy I had to ride every day to check my cattle. I looked at her profile and see caught my eye. A beautiful red headed lady that had a lot of things in common with me and had a lot of the same interest. Only one drawback, well maybe two, she lived 800 miles away in Georgia and she was a transplant from the north. A true blue “Yankee”:shrug:. Not only did she talk a foreign language(Yankeebolics) but she also thought that the North had won the war:eek:. I thought “no way.” I don’t think I responded to her right off but for some reason I kept coming back. Little did I know that God was leading me into something that would change my life forever. Finally one night I thought what the heck. It might be nice to have someone to talk to over the Internet because we had a lot of the same interest and thought alike. So I sent her a message something to the effect that I rode every day and enjoyed it very much. To my surprise she responded back. We messaged back and forth and after a while I asked for permission to call her. We had our first meeting in July. I went to visit her in Georgia and after that I was hooked on this red headed lady. I was truly in love with not only someone who truly loved me. But she was hesitant because she had been hurt in the past. She kept saying “I need a sign from God.” I guess she wanted the heavens to open up and hear the choir of angels singing. But I kept reminding her of all the little signs that were to obvious to be coincidences. I really felt God leading me to this lady. So many times in the past I had not really listened to God and did what I wanted to. This time I was listening carefully and I knew it was Him working in my life. Finally I convinced her that God had brought us together and that it was His will for us to spend our life together. I proposed to her in St. Raphael’s chapel in Dallas Texas. Not a coincidence since St. Raphael had brought us together. We were married in September. That was in 2003, 7 years ago, and our life has been blessed ever since. I thank God each and every night for my angel he sent me. Oh and by the way that part I said about never leaving Texas…forget that. We live in Georgia close to her family and ride our horses every weekend together.:yup:


I met my husband on Avemariasingles.com and it was a semi-long distance relationship. We lived on opposite sides of Ohio which is about a 4 hour drive, but not terribly long. We emailed for a bit, than chatted online, than phone conversations then we met in real life. We dated for a bit (he made a point to come see me about every 2 weeks, it was awesome and he sacrificed so much to do this) and when we got engaged we had known each other for almost a year. We were engaged for a year before we wed and we just celebrated out 4th year anniversary together with a baby :smiley: So 6 years we’ve known each other total and it’s the best thing to have happened to me by far :thumbsup:


ooh. a part of me would like to hear the horror stories, but I’m thinking not. especially since i just married the man i met through CatholicMatch! i just try to remind myself that there are also horror stories about people who met the traditional way too.

btw congratulations! 12 time zones!!! :eek:


so sweet!!! :slight_smile:


i love reading these stories!


I’m engaged to someone I met on eHarmony, at first it was technically LD though she visited every weekend (I guess she was coming back every wkend anyway). That didn’t last more than a month or two, she eventually moved back and finished up her studies in online classes.

Her studies are over now, and I find my self stuck in the hard part. Waiting till June 18th to be married :frowning:


Not myself, but on another message board that I've been on "forever" there is a couple that "met" there, got married and had a baby. It was really exciting for our little online community. :)


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