Who misses the comical styles of....

I dont know about you all, but i noticed some of the muslims accounts are under review of late. Which i really think with some of the stuff they have been saying, they should be.
But i miss getting a good belly ache laugh from their replies…
Who else misses their funny replies?
Is it just me, or am i just mad?? :smiley:

I kind of miss them, too. There are one or two who truly profaned Christianity, but I think the others were mostly collateral damage.

The only two who I miss very much are Paars and Planten.

Both of them gave me belly laughs… I miss Planten’s array of colored fonts and stories.

Really? Those were the two that really irked me. :stuck_out_tongue:

So that is what is going on. The Mormons have been gone for a while now, too. :cool: And here I thought they had the dignity to withdraw themselves from the debate.

Paars, I’m not familiar with, however Planten I found masked his insults of the Christian faith with pretentious politeness in the same vein as Muslim Woman. (No offense, P & MW). If only they would actually read other peoples reponses they would probably have converted to Christianity by now :D. Hopefully they will not be discouraged and come back soon but I also hope CAF make it a condition for Platen not to use colour and font size to his hearts desire, so irritating

I’m still reading up on the old threads and I was surprised and heartened to see many Catholics that have been banned over time. It tells me CAF will not tolerate rudeness from anyone even their own :thumbsup:

God bless All

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