Who needs Buddha or How the Mystic Heart of Christianity has been hiding in plain sight

Elsewhere I blogged about why I think so many people in the West turn to Eastern spiritualities. In part, I think, this is because Catholicism’s rich traditions of Mystic spirituality typified by figures like St John of the Cross or the author of The Cloud of Unknowing are virtually unknown outside the Church and all too little known within it.

Among other things I wrote-
*Whilst both Eastern and Western approaches promise an inner calm, a rest for the restless heart, a way of renewal, a discovery of meaning the Christians does so not on on the basis of an ever increasing spiritual athleticism leading to the winning of a spiritual gold medal. Rather the basis for success is a surrendering, a clearing the way to enable the Grace of God, the still small voice, to speak clearly to us. It is not a technique which transforms us it is a gift. *

I’m hoping to write a second part based on Lectio Divina and also the use of the Psalms, both in the Divine Office and personal prayer. I would be interested to hear of peoples experiences about the infusion of Grace they may have experienced through such exercises. Also are there any good resources about this topic that I can point by blog readers towards?

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