Who Needs the Family?

For most of human history the family was the basic social unit of the species. It was a retirement plan that you paid into by keeping your children alive long enough for them to grow up and support you. It allowed the individual to pass on his ideas to people who would care about them because they were part of their heritage. Family was a collective endeavor, small enough to reflect the individual. It was a practical and philosophical aim that made life beautiful and meaningful.

But who really needs it anymore?

Governments have come to serve as undying guardians of human society, ushering new life into the world and ushering old life out of it. New parents are as likely to turn to the government for help as they are to their extended family. When their child is old enough to look around for a career, it is the government that they expect to provide the education and the jobs. And when they grow old, the child can keep on working at his government job and paying off his student loans knowing that the government will be there to make all the difficult and expensive decisions about their care.

With all that taken care of, who needs parents or children anyway?


If you had to choose between big government and family which would you choose? While many wish to deny it, that may be exactly the choice we face.

this is purely financial the Government cannot provide a multitude of elements that would only be provided in a family

Families are not as large as they used to be, my aunts and uncles took care of me but now most of us have to work and we just can’t do for our loved ones the way we could.

Since I see government as just a bunch of families making decisions for all us anyway I would choose family. There is always the human factor in government which is why politicians are so annoying.

And if you leave everything to the government, there’s always the danger of this.

It seems to me that this has already been answered. If I have a child and can’t pay to raise it, the government does help not the family as in many families both parents work even if only part time. The government will pay for help with food, medical, education and some extras.

Even if 100 able to pay for most things, it still will pay for a lottery system so my child will attend a government preschool and public education so that my child can receive education. In old age, it will pay for my medical and prescription and give me a stipend to live on,

The family does pay for most living expenses but the government programs though my tax dollars funds a great deal so it seems like the government is the “bid daddy” not the family or extended family.

The extended family has little role in life except to give moral support and that is only if it is a good family. Otherwise, it may not even have that role.

To be precise, it is not only the extended family that is displaced by governmet but the nuclear family.

Yes. Carle Zimmerman wrote a book about this subject, (Family and Civilization) looking at family structure throughout history. What we call the nuclear family he called the domestic family. He found that family types tend to be stable over long periods, evolving from patriarchal families to domestic family structures, but when family structure begins to widely disintegrate, as it is doing now, civilizational collapse can follow.

In this telling, the economic struggles of male workers are both a cause and an effect of the breakdown of traditional households. Men who are less successful are less attractive as partners, so some women are choosing to raise children by themselves, in turn often producing sons who are less successful and attractive as partners.

“A vicious cycle may ensue,” wrote Professor Autor and his co-author, Melanie Wasserman, a graduate student, “with the poor economic prospects of less educated males creating differentially large disadvantages for their sons, thus potentially reinforcing the development of the gender gap in the next generation.”


Governments can’t provide love and proper guidance. A government, seeing you as an economic burden, would rather see you dead than have to take care of you in a time of need. It’s awful.

All your children are belong to us.


I don’t see a mortgage or auto loan up in the list of those complaints about student loans.

Why not the nuclear family and anarchy? There are anarchist you know.

While the family structure has been steadily diminished in nations like the United States (and conservative unabashedly denigrate the extend family support), it is reasonable for the city, state, or federal government(s) to intervene in certain situations.

From the University of Pennsylvania.


Year 1960.

Undergraduate Schools:

College, College of Liberal Arts for Women, School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), the Wharton School, the School of Nursing, and the School of Allied Medical Professions (SAMP)
Tuition: $1,250
General Fee: $150

Years 2013.

Undergraduate Schools:

Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Wharton:
Tuition: $39,088
General Fee: $3,646
Technology Fee: $692
Recreation Fee: $312

A lot of men in the 1950s and 1960s didn’t enroll in university because they could work jobs as high school dropouts earning wages that could afford them a small house, car, and a stay-at-home wife with 12 kids. All off one wage.

The cost of university education today is astronomical. There is no shame in young students taking out loans for education, an investment in themselves, as opposed to taking out loans for an automobile that will depreciate in value.

A lot of families are screwed up too.

In my opinion–and hopefully I will be able to do this for my kids, adopted or biological–a parent should be paying for the university education of their own children all the way through to professional degree or advanced degree (minus perhaps a doctoral degree).

I have no kids and the thought (and price) of their education through law school and medical school is already there in my mind. Should I chastise and stand in judgment of those parents that have refused to pay for the university education of their children or neglected to secure the funds over time, giving the excuse, “It’s not my responsibility”?

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