Who needs yoga?

There have been many threads debating it’s compatibility with Catholic faith but in actuality there are better, more descriptive names for for stretches from Kinesiologists, anatomists, physical therapists and sports trainers. Have a look.





Instead of supta virasana or lying down hero pose call it what it is “Extension of the hip while seated on the heals”

Instead of Marichyasana call it “sitting knee up rotation”


Flexibility is one of the most important things we can work on for our bodies. the more flexible we are the less likely we are to be injured and the stretching diminishes tension. It also helps with anxiety and depression.

Those are mouthfuls. What ever happened to monkey see, monkey do? During the one time I did yoga, it didn’t matter what the video said. I was just too busy keeping my legs from looking like the leaning tower of Pisa. :shrug:

I do!!!

Must get disciplined…
Now with back issues, more than ever. Must get the OK with this specific injury first…

And this thread is on CAF, why?

Because many people here on CAF benefit from these stretches and exercises, but get concerned and even distressed when those poses are associated with yoga, because some just can’t seem to separate the body movements from their perceived spiritual implications in some Eastern religions. The OP was showing again that a stretch is a stretch is a stretch when there is no spiritual intent attached to it and that it’s okay to do these stretches if you are Catholic and it benefits your physical health.

Thank you. :tiphat:

Just what is wrong with calling it the “lying down hero pose”? Do people really have to look up the sports medicine name of stretches before they can do them??

I had alway thought that Yoga should be a compulsory subject taught in schools …
Good for you mind ,body & spirit

Some people are concerned about using the yoga names, as Lightbound pointed out.
I think the sport medicine names give more exact descriptions and help focus on the specific muscles we are trying to work with.

Many people who do yoga do it for 30 - 60 minutes several times a week if not every day.

To reap the benefits of that kind commitment it helps to have a systematic routine. Stretches should be held from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for some.

Most people do not give this much time to stretching unless they are in physical therapy or involved in a sport.

Who has time for it? If we make it a priority and a consistent practice we feel better all a round. We should not let the taint of a non Christian religion stop us from doing what is good for us in body mind and spirit. I say spirit because when the body feels good the mind and spirit quite often follow.

Well someone (maybe you:)) should write a book with the sports medicine names because anyone who is that fearful will still not be comfortable by just changing the names themselves. In the back of their mind the positions will still carry the yoga names and all the spiritual implications.

If they are still not comfortable I don’t think anything can be done. I listed a few non religious stretch books.

I especially like to see the color coded illustrations. Who has not had back pain?
The piriformis can disturb the sciatic nerve.



Sun salutations!

I went to a yoga class for a few years. It was steeped in Hindu beliefs, but at the time I was an atheist. :slight_smile: It is difficult to find a yoga class that isn’t new agey.

It is beneficial exercise.

It is also difficult to find a class in deep stretching. I would like to find one utilizing PNF Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

The attraction to yoga is that you are there for at least half an hour several times a week doing this activity. It becomes part of your life. Usually when we stretch it is just before or after a sport activity or when we just feel like we need it. It is not THE program.

I have never taken a Pilates class. What is that like?

Yoga is offerd in my DD highschool gym class. She loves it! Finds it relaxing.

I suspect it is called a “Hero Pose” because you have to be a hero to survive such a stretch! I wonder what that does to your internal organs?:confused:

I looked it up and figured I’d need a hero to get me back up.:stretcher:

Yoga is inconsistent with Christianity as the Yogi Masters teach that one is to empty one’s mind of thought. We are not to do this…rather we are to keep our mind focused on Christ. There are Christian alternatives to Yoga that provide the stretching and relaxation without the Eastern mystic influences.


I am aware of nonreligious alternatives but what are some “Christian” alternatives?

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