Who or what are the Nephilim?


What is the Catholic view on these beings. On the net, I’ve read some outlandish things.
-Thanks, guys!


There are 36 threads on this topic here (so far).


This will link you to them. When I put “nephilim” in the search box (next to New Posts), that is what came up. Hope it helps.


im interested as well…

here are my thouhgts i hope they are not obsurd…

I think that greek mythology and such might have some truth to them…the Nephilim, the heros of old, i believe are what greeks considered demi-gods…could they be damned because of their disobedience and for recieving worship? iono maybe someone more knowledgable than me can answer


this qeustion is the one that has been bugging me for along time.
i want to know who they where, why they where, and how they came to be, does sombody have an awnser to that, or any links i could visit


Like the poster above already helpfully advised, there are numerous threads on this already–why not check those out?


When i use that link it leads me to no where, somthings wrong with that link


[quote=freesoulhope]When i use that link it leads me to no where, somthings wrong with that link

Sorry, try this one: forums.catholic.com/search.php?searchid=1656103


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