Who picked this vegetable?


There were too many threads that I wanted to reply to with the following:

In a perfect world, every immigrant would be legally documened and paying taxes on their wages. We all came to the United States via immigration. The next time you sit down for a meal ask yourself:
Who picked this vegetable?
Who milked this cow?
Who picked the cotton from which these clothes are made?

If every illegal immigrant is exported today, who will harvest the crops this fall?

The borders need to be secure. But immigrants need a fair and easy way to come across legally. And the ones that are living here need a fair and easy way to be properly documented.



In free market societies immigration is seen as a principle. Just as you today may show a SS# to an employer in the U.S. you would show the same to a Canadian or Mexican employer. The number would perform the same function as it does now. The idea that changing the papers in a persons pocket changes their intent is …(let us say unwise)


The problem here is that it rests on the oft-repeated myth that immigrants take the jobs us regular Americans would not touch.

As Rich Lowry pointed out in National Review:

“According to a new survey by the Pew Hispanic Center, illegals make up 24 percent of workers in agriculture, 17 percent in cleaning, 14 percent in construction, and 12 percent in food production. So 86 percent of construction workers, for instance, are either legal immigrants or Americans, despite the fact that this is one of the alleged categories of untouchable jobs.”



Who will harvest the crops etc…how about all the folks sitting in jail let them do something other than channel surf!?


I think the correct way to put it is… illegals take the jobs at a wage that American or legal workers wouldn’t work for.


And just how much would an American want to do these jobs?
They compalin that there is no work but there is they just either dont want to do it or they dont like the pay or some other reason!


I dunno… I currently have a job.


But there are many that dont so why dont they pick some crops or do some other job that they complain immigrants take from the Americans??!!


Ya know… my oldest moved to Reno ( he’s now back and currently employed ) but he tried to get a job there cleaning motel rooms. He didn’t stand a chance. The ppl that do the hiring only spoke Spanish. Imagine that.

We found it more than ironic that a few months later when my wife had to use her SS#… the ppl on the other end said that soemone else was using her SS#. We/they investigated and found out that a few different illegals were using her SS#… and they were located in Reno. Imagine that. ( The oldest had her infoas he was at the time on our insurance ).

We need to deport as many as we can.


what does that have to do with finding a job? was that the only job opening available (cleaning rooms)? I am sure that a job could of been found no matter what the language spoken!

Deport them yes if they are here illegally.
But you should also make sure that your oldest knows how to protect other peoples info that where intrusted to him!


If they weren’t here… he would’ve at least stood a better chance to get a job.

That info got stolen and was being used by illegals ( who broke yet another law ).


Please tell me I am reading this incorrectly!
Your telling me he could not even get a job flipping burgers or doing maintaince work or something else?? Is the economy in Reno that bad that there are NO JOBS for a non spanish speaking American?
If that is the case tell him to come to NJ…we have plenty of jobs …they may not pay well but they are here!

It was intrusted to him…it may of been stolen (which is wrong) but he should of taken precautions for this not to happen.


If they weren’t here… he would’ve at least stood a better chance to get a job.).

This may seem to make sense but it is factually incorrect. The loss drops the depth and width of the market thus creating job losses. See if the price of having your lawn moved increases to $80 from the current $40 less people PAY to have the yard moved thus employment (jobs) actually go down.

That info got stolen and was being used by illegals ( who broke yet another law ).

This is an accusation. If the problem were in Florida were your family had not been I would have more confidence in this being correct. I could not tell you my parents SS# even if you gave me 2 hours to find it in my house. How he would know it on the road is odd.

P.S. Many Christians do things I am not proud of, and Christianity is not equal to the worst actions of any passing extremist


Well lets see:

Pick the veggies- we do from our garden canning & freezing is in full swing

Milk the cow- our neighbor does we buy from him (raw milk unprocessed) make our own butter Yummy

Meat- from a local farmer his family works the farm

Cotton- from the far east so I don’t know who picked it

Cooked our meal- myself or daughter


Don’t worry about it… he got a job here.


Not an accusation they got caught… :slight_smile: So we saw the names.


so it is ALL their fault and your eldest plays no role in it???


Since they were here illegally… yep… all thier fault.

Typical… blame the victims… and not the criminals.


Not on my farm.


Really…so your eldest had no role what so ever in protecting your wifes SS# that was entrusted to him?

Typical… blame the victims… and not the criminals.

Typical…dont take responsibility for your actions!:eek:

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